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Ron Knecht

Ron Knecht Has Been Where We Are Headed

Storey County announced the finalists to replace outgoing County Manager Pat Whitten yesterday. The list is made up of four qualified candidates, among the list was former Nevada Controller Ron Knecht.

Gentle readers of The Teller will recognize the name Ron Knecht. Ron has submitted dozens of guest editorials and has a direct, no-nonsense approach to transparent governing.

A Great Group To Chart Our Future With

The Teller read the resumes provided by the county and has included them at the bottom of this article for your perusal. We are impressed with all of the candidates, both in terms of diversity of experience and gender. We like the merits of each individual and feel our county would be served well by each of these candidates.

In looking at the qualifications and experience of the applicants, it becomes clear to us that there is a variety to choose from. In terms of the things that we need to lead our county into the future, one candidate rises to the top of the stack.

Our Amazing Opportunity

When looking at the qualifications and previous positions held, Ron Knecht has exactly the kind of experience Storey County needs to navigate our future. His breadth of education, experience, and knowledge provides Storey County with an amazing opportunity.


Knecht has a Law degree and has studied Engineering and Economic Systems at Stanford. His educational background is as impressive as we have seen.

Professional Highlights

Knecht has been an entrepreneur, a high-level government employee, and an elected official. Some of his resume requirements include:

Elected Office

    • Nevada State Controller
    • Nevada State Assemblyman
    • University Regent

Government Appointments/Boards

    • Nevada Board of Finance
    • Nevada Department of Transportation
    • Nevada State Audit and Budget
    • Senior Staff at the California Public Utility Commission
    • Senior Staff at the California Energy Commission

Institutional Knowledge

We have often heard Storey County officials use the term “Institutional Knowledge”. This term has been used to qualify an individuals knowledge of how Storey County runs when considering hiring key positions within the County.

The type of institutional knowledge Knecht would bring to Storey County as County Manager is unparalleled. The relationships Knecht has built in his decades of service to Nevada are unmatched in the other candidates. These relationships can serve us in ways we don’t even realize.

Navigating the political waters at the State level alone would be worth the price of admission. Knecht undoubtedly has relationships built over the decades that would do nothing but serve every resident in the County.

No Substitute For Experience

Perhaps the most significant thing having Ron Knecht as County Manager would be the effect of his experience on the staff of every department. His knowledge and leadership will lift all boats in our harbor. Imagine how much more qualified Austin Osborne might be as County Manager with a couple years with Knecht at the helm.

Storey County has the chance to get a strike the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1860s. Nevada’s loss could soon be our gain. Let’s hope the County Commissioners take advantage of this opportunity to move forward.

Stay Tuned

Marena Works


Austin Osborne


Ron Knecht


Brenda Findley



*Note: This article was updated to reflect that Mr. Knecht was senior staff on the Califonia Energy Commission and the California Public Utility Commission, not serving on the boards of those entities.

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Not to take anything away from the other candidtes but I agree that Ron’s unique political experience and connections in addition to his business experience are exactly what we need at this point in Storey County.

  2. But this is a position for Austin isn’t it?

  3. Sam Toll,
    I thought that 20 person committee was gonna choose.
    If it goes to the commissioners to decide.. all of them
    together do not come close to these qualifications.
    And you can bet they don’t want somebody smarter
    and braver than them.. looking over them.
    Nopitee nope and not at all.
    Sam DNA Dehne

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