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SCSO Incident Report

SCSO Incident Report May 15th – 21st

*=========================================== 01:27 Property Check (Residential/Vacation) MAy 15th, 2017 0001 Officer initiated activity at Sewer Plant, Milan, Virginia City. . Disposition: Property Checks OK. *=========================================== 06:40 ALARM BURG/PANIC/VEHICLE MAy 15th, 2017 0003 Occurred at Laborers Training Center on Wild Horse Canyon Dr. , McCarran. DOOR HALL 110/1 HIT – REF – …

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Planet Earth

Fragile Jewels of the Earth

Please join us as Silver City resident Karen Kreyeski unveils her show, Fragile Jewels of the Earth, on Friday, June 2, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Light refreshments will be served.Karen Kreyeski, a Montana native, learned to love Nevada the first time she swam in the ice cool blue waters of …

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Mental Institution(al) Knowledge

Readers of the BardeBlog may have noticed in the second to last edition (read it here) that the return of the zombie apocalypse is gathering by the Fourth Ward preparing to parade down C Street. Two lifelong members of the Storey County Payroll club are “retiring” on June 30, 2017. …

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Support Wild Horses if you are so inclined

American Wild Horse Campaign News & Alerts Dear Storey County Resident, We knew this was coming, and now our worst fears have been realized. Yesterday, the Trump Administration released its budget request to Congress for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and it literally places the lives of over 90,000 …

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SCSO Incident Report May 8th – May 14th

Year to Date Calls by Region So this one sounded odd; was the male upside down in the elevator or was the elevator upside down? 17:06 Medical Call May 9th, 2017 0023 Occurred at Tesla on Electric Ave. , McCarran. MALE STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR SHAFT HANGING UPSIDE DOWN. . …

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Trump Budget Cuts Concerns VRWPA

As I read this press release from VRWPA’s President Bob Macarrio, I think about the role of BLM and the Department of Interior. Talking to local Nevadans I hear mixed opinions about the notion of Nevada’s taking control of BLM and creating the NBLM. Most folks opposed suggest that the …

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VRWPA Fundraiser set for May 30th

The Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association in conjunction with BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is hosting a fundraising event on May 30th. Print and present this flyer to your server between 11:00 am and 11:00 pm and 20% of the tab (minus booze) will be transferred to the coffers of the …

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Settlemeyer and Miller

Settlemeyer and Miller Town Hall Meeting @ The Delta Salloon

Jim Hindle of the Storey County Central Committee announced today that Senator James Settelmeyer and Assemblyman Jim Wheeler want to hold a “Town Hall” with Storey County citizens next Tuesday, May 30th at the Delta Saloon. Doors open at 5:30pm and the meeting is expected to last until approximately 8:00pm. The  want to talk …

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Dave Greninger – A life celebrated

Family, friends and neighbors gathered today to celebrate the life of Dave Greninger who passed earlier this month to cancer. A wonderful eulogy was delivered by his brother Roger who shared stories of Dave’s journey through life. Dave and Roger were business partners on several occasions, selling automotive repair shop …

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