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Will The Gigafactory Go Up In Smoke?

Storey County’s Diamond Getting Roughed Up I reached out to media pundit Josh Bernstein the other day and we talked about Elon Musk, Tesla and the Gigafactory. He’s done some reporting on Tesla and Elon Musk this year and he agreed to share his latest article with The Teller. Storey …

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Meet The Candidates

Meet The Candidates Night At The Canvas Cafe

Candidates Curtis Cannon and Patricia Ackerman are coming to Virginia City to press the flesh with the unwashed masses. Tonight is your chance to talk to these candidates in an intimate setting at the Canvas Cafe. Canvas Cafe Owners Alexia Sober and Richard Oates welcome you to taste snacks and …

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Gilman v. Toll

Gilman v. Toll Hearing Date Set

Hearing Date Set in Gilman v Toll Defamation Suit Nevada First District Justice James Wilson has set December 20th for a hearing in Gilman v. Toll. The hearing, to be held at the Courthouse in Virginia City, will determine whether 1) Sam Toll is a journalist, and 2) if The …

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Storey County Commission Job Description

Storey County Commission September 19th Meeting

Storey County Commission September 19th Meeting In the Storey County Commission September 19th Meeting, the board pushed the pipeline can down the road with taking the next step in the Special Assessment District. They also approved giving a part of K Street to Steve McBride, Commissioner McBride’s brother.  At first, Commissioner …

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SCSO Arrest Blotter September 3 – 16

SCSO Arrest Blotter September 3 – 16 So far this month our collection people arrested in Storey County include Battery, Drunk Driving, Road Rage, Warrants, and general knuckleheadedness. These Folks Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty This is still America where people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of …

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SCSO Incident Report Sept 03-16

Heavy Horse petting gets them aggressive. Horses stuck in holes. Horses and Bovines struck by cars. Dogs Barking. Dogs Chasing. Animal Husbandry and  Community Based Policing Run Hand In Hand… My favorites from the SCSO Incident Report Sept 03-16: RP THINKS HE HAS AN IDIOT AROUND HIS HOUSE ASKING FOR …

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Black Murder Trial

Bret Black Murder Trial Postponed

Bret Black Murder Trial Postponed On September 13th, Storey County District Attorney Anne Langer filed a motion to address Bret Black’s potential incompetence. According to the Court Order issued by Judge James Wilson, Ms. Langer based her motion on a letter from Dr. Dickran H Gulesserian dated September 18th, 2017. …

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Comstock Water History Tour – Sept. 22

Nevada State Parks is hosting a Comstock Water History Tour at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park on September 22 Those interested in Comstock History will find the tour hosted by Nevada State Parks to be a very interesting way to spend a Saturday. Join Park Ranger Josh Rhein on a …

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