Will Special Interests Control Storey County for the Next Four Years?

Special Interest Money Dominates Storey County Commissioner Races As the first weekend of early voting draws to a close in Storey County, The four candidates vying for the two open County Commission seats filed their financial documents. They are very telling. Candidate Filings According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s …

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Residents First. Special Interests Not First.

Key Facts on Nevada’s Spending Problems

How Special Interests Cost Storey County Part One – Reputation During my lobbying with legislators in the 2019 Nevada Legislative session, I had the opportunity to meet with legislators. During a meeting with the leadership in the Assembly, I mentioned I was a journalist in Storey County. “A journalist in …

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I Made a Mistake During The Candidate Forum – Correction

I Made A Mistake. Anyone growing up in the 1970s probably remembers Arthur Fonzarelli. As a kid, i particularly remember the episode when the Fonz had to admit to being wrong.   This scene stuck with me. During the Candidate Forum, I made the statement that in 2019, the highest-paid …

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Clay Mitchell and Sam Toll Square Off in Candidate Forum

Sam Toll and Clay Mitchell will participate in a candidate forum on Wednesday, September 16th at 6:00 pm. The forum will allow the candidates to present their platforms and answer questions from voters. The event is hosted by Gerald Antinoro of Hilltop Farms. We will post the audio here on …

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Brothel Zoning Designation Proposed for Storey County Planning Commission

Brothel Zoning Designation Proposed for Storey County Planning Commission. Nearly three years after I wrote a piece that resulted in a defamation lawsuit, Storey County is finally addressing the issue raised. According to the latest Storey County Planning Department’s agenda, a brand spanking new zoning designation is being floated; B …

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September 1, 2020 Storey County Commission Meeting Preview

Storey County Commission Meeting Preview In an effort to prevent surprises like the Stericycle Special Use Permit approved last week, I am providing a list of items up for a vote at the next Commission Meeting. The full agenda with the packet items can be downloaded here. The meeting will …

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Court Dismisses Lance Gilman’s Defamation Suit Against Sam Toll

Gilman v. Toll

Victory For Sam Toll and The Storey Teller! First District Judge James Wilson issued an order today in Lance Gilman’s defamation case against me (The Storey Teller founder Sam Toll). In his ruling, Judge Wilson granted my Anti-SLAPP* motion and ordered Storey County Commissioner and Mustang Ranch Brothel Owner Lance …

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