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Storey County Manager Candidates Announced

County Manager Candidates Announced

Storey County announced today the names of the finalists for Storey County Manager who will replace m retiring County Manager Pat Whitten. Names of the panelists for both the citizen panel and the County staff panel were also released.

The County hired a consultant to facilitate the hiring process. The County received more than 10 applications and through a vetting process recommended the following applicants for consideration:

    Brenda Findley
    Ron Knecht
    Austin Osborne
    Marena Works

Interview Panelists Announced

Citizen Panel

  • Corby Hansen
  • Mike Nevin
  • Laura Kekule
  • Pam Becker
  • Bob Maccario
  • Tom Taormina
  • Randy Pitts
  • Marilou Walling
  • Scott Jolcover

Staff Panel

  • Jen Chapman *
  • Gary Hames
  • Hugh Gallagher
  • Anne Langer
  • Jeff Nevin
  • Jason Wierzbicki
  • Jessie Fain
  • Jerry Antinoro
  • Deny Dotson
  • Pat Whitten

Candidates Interviews Begin Tomorrow

The candidates will be interviewed be each panel on Tuesday, February 26th.

The citizen panel was populated with two appointees from each commissioner and three appointees designated by current County Manager Pat Whitten.

The County assembled the county Staff Panelists. The process will result in a recommendation to the County Commissioners. The recommendations will be presented to the County Commissioners in the March 19th Meeting.

Transparency In The Process Promised.

The County has promised complete transparency throughout the process perhaps in response to criticism levied by The Teller. We have written about our opinion on the selection process.

On January 29th, The Teller submitted a public record request ti County Manager Pat Whitten for all the resumes on all the candidates. The County’s advertisement on the County’s website and the applicants were advised their applications would be public records.

Mr. Whitten did not respond within the legally required 5 day time period. On February 16th, The Teller followed up with Mr. Whitten, who advised us he referred the request to the District Attorney.

While we were advised the DA was processing our request and as of this writing, our request remains unanswered.

More Unanswered Requests

On January 30th The Teller requested the list of the panelists so we could report the makeup of the panels for the benefit of out reading audience.

This was done in the form if a public record request to County Manager. Although the county has released this information publicly, this request remains unanswered.

The Teller has an obligation to its readers. The County has an obligation to our readers as well.

More directly, the County has a legal obligation to provide information in a timely manner so that we all can be informed.

By controlling and restricting the flow of information, everyone is done a disservice.

Once the public record requests are filled, we will let you know who these finalists are.

Stay tuned.

Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Ron Knecht…..honest, transparent, a financial guru

  2. Are these resumes you were looking for, Sam? They were in a link on the announcement regarding the job that was posted in the Highlands Chat List. Looks like the same one whose excerpts you have in this article.


  3. Sam Toll,
    Thanks for all the great oversight reporting you do for
    Storey county. If not for your Warriorism, the Gilman/
    Norman/TRIC cartel would be poaching even more
    taxes. As if that was possible.
    The question to be answered is which candidate will have
    the fortitude to stand up against the $bill/mill- ionaire cartel.
    Sam DNA Dehne
    Here’s what Sam DNA thinks of Reno media.. and he is
    trying to be nice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHqGFDFjaTg&t=13s

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