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VCTC – Losing Money is an Investment.

Nicole Barde posted her synopsis of the recent VCTC meeting (which you can read here). It’s excellent and I suggest you give it a read.

Corrado de Gasparis CFO (Chief Flimflam Officer) of Comstock Mining took his seat replacing the departed Scott Jolcover (also of Comstock Mining) as Deny Dotson and his bride Ronelle Dotson of RAD Strategies gave a recount of the year in review and a look forward to 2018.

My sources tell me that Jolcover’s replacement was necessary because the Storey County District Attorney’s office has (finally) acted on the blatant conflict of interest that Mr. Jolcover’s seat on the board of the VCTC represented. For the past three years, Jolcover has enjoyed healthy payday because the VCTC leases the land where the Camel Races and the Rodeo happen from Jolcover. In addition to the fat stacks that Scott got from the County in lease payments, he shrewdly renegotiated his deal to include a .60 (+/-) per ticket surcharge for everyone paying to set foot on his leased land. I guess they figured once they leased the land for a couple of years and paid to improve the land and then buy the land from him at the new and improved price somebody (like me) would holler.

Deputy District Attorney Keith Loomis would not confirm his office was responsible for removing Jolcover from the board. If what my sources tell me is true then the District Attorney Anne Langer and Deputy District Attorney Keith Loomis deserve a ten hour standing ovation from the citizens of Storey County for removing this obvious conflict of interest.

Only two queastions remian; 1) Who’se next? and 2) What took so long?

Once the deal is done and the land is purchased, I’ll give you the tally so we can put a number on this shining example of your tax dollars being “invested” into private bank accounts of people whose self-interests trump public interests.

Speaking of Investments…

Noteworthy was the fact that when Deny took over his war chest contained a roughly 650k surplus and with 2017 in the rearview mirror that balance sits at an unknown place. I say this because the “audited financials” were not accurate. We’ll have to wait until next month to know if the balance is $500k, $191k or zero. Sigh…

Apparently, the alternate universe where “Team Storey” exists considers losing money an “investment”. Given that Deny has a budget of roughly 1.5 million to play with and given that the money comes from room taxes and a .25% sales tax suggests his budget should be self-sufficient and self-contained.  As long as he stays in his sandbox of $1.5 million, he can lose money all he wants.

Sadly, he has lost money, err… invested in the community, every year he has been at the helm. If he “invested in the community” within his own sandbox, that would be great. Sadly, his investment dips into his savings account every year. Which means that if 2018 is anything like past years, the savings account should be all gone by years end.

This illustrates a fundamental lack of understanding under the dome of Dotson. His efforts benetif roughly 100 people many of whom do not reside in the county. Whatever investment is being made is done in the cash registers of business owners on C Street. I don’t have a business on C Street and the majority of the

Moving On Up

My sources tell me that “Team Storey” will move Mr. Dotson and he will soon be leaving his position as Director of the VCTC. Apparently “Team Storey” has a loftier position of employment planned where Mr. Dotson can continue to confuse hard work with results and work with of budgets that aren’t accurate.

Another benefit of moving Mr. Dotson to a new position within the county will be the fact that another in your face conflict of interest will be removed from Storey County Government. Deny, who is treasurer of RAD Strategies and reported to have a financial interest in Liquid Blue will now no longer be the person who 80% of the people he is “representing” are not stoked to see.

Progress is slowly reaching us here in “The Richest Place On Earth”.

Sort of.

Summary of the January 11, 2018 VCTC Meeting

Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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