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Stand Against Corruption Part 5 – another scathing Letter to the Editor

Today I learned our mindful County Management who works 100% in the best interest of our citizens is again crying over the Sheriff’s budget. Does this ever end? For years the Commissioners and Comptroller have proposed, suggested and requested that the Sheriff increase staffing in the industrial park and every time the Sheriff builds a budget that fits the need for the residents and the park, the County says they don’t have the money and try to make him look like a fool for submitting such a request. I wonder how it would effect the owners of these multi-million if not billion dollar companies that are coming into this county for the massive tax breaks know that if the county management has their way their investment would be protected by less than one cop.

With the growth in TRIC the Fire Department got more staffing. The TRIC fire station has at least four full time firemen on duty 24/7 and the Lockwood fire station has two on duty 24/7. That is SIX firemen to ONE cop on duty at any given time. Don’t get me wrong I like fire fighters, they are a true necessity, but if the fire department goes to a fire, a cop goes to. if the fire department goes to an accident a cop goes too. But the fire department does not go to traffic stops, barking dogs, neighbor disputes, domestic disputes, fights, people with guns, knives, grenades or any of the other countless things cops go to unless they are requested to and of course they don’t get involved until the cops tell the fire department that everything is safe. So what happen when the cop is dealing with a wreck and can’t leave because the TRIC employee’ car is blocking the road on a blind corner and while this is
happening the step son in Lockwood finally snaps and starts chasing dad around with the butcher
knife. The cop is 15 miles away tied up with someone who doesn’t even live here.

My friends I have to ask what is going on, are these fools living under a rock? Our world is not getting safer it’s becoming more dangerous and they are helping that by bringing people here by the thousands. I guess the fat cats think this is Mayberry, well Mayberry didn’t have thousands of people working by the fishing hole or events every weekend inviting people to get drunk and treat our town like a toilet, but we do…

Is it corruption or maybe they  don’t want cops because they don’t want to get caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing? Maybe they do it because the sheriff will not play nice. (playing nice to them is special treatment to the elite) I think the previous sheriff most definitely played nice, he had a big budget, new toys and a department with almost twice the staff that the current Sheriff has and when he was here the fate of the county was decided over lunch with all the fat cats present.

Those were the good old days when if the elite were caught driving drunk they got rides home and no cop dare enforce the law near the commissioners ranches or they would get in BIG trouble with BIG J. Soon the recession caught up and it was time to pay back Mr. Norman for the infrastructure he footed the bill for at the grand industrial park and wouldn’t you know it the county budget cuts started with police and fire. The fire department bounced back but the Sheriff’s Office hasn’t yet.

I bet if Sheriff Antinoro decided to be corrupt and play nice with the fat cats he wouldn’t be dealing with a recall. In fact I would guarantee it!!!!!! I have some suggestions on places to find money for the Sheriff’s Office:  

First: Retain the Sheriff. He is good with money that’s obvious as he has successfully operated an agency on a budget that ha· had no real increases since 2010.

Second: Take a percentage of all the money dumped in the general fund from the special events and give it to the sheriff’s department. (Editors note: this would mean less money for the Sheriff as the VCTC can’t manage it’s way out of a wet paper bag and runs in the red every year.)

Third: Get a handle on the county management and tell them to stop wasting OUR money on thing we don’t need like the court house parking lot that we haven’t been able to park in it for months and yet  some how we still manage to find a place to park. It makes me sick… Why did we buy it?

Fourth: Elect real people that are not rich or have their campaigns funded by the brothel owner (when he funds your campaign you work for him).

Fifth: We could take the annual average 100k budget increase that the other departments automatically get like public works, building-planning, and so on and give that to the Sheriff.

But in the end and as much as they would like to tell you it’s not this is our county and our tax dollars.

Tell them, no DEMAND that the county management serve the residents and not themselves. We pay their salaries and just as easy as they can fund a recall election we can recall them.

Just ask yourself, have we the resident tax payers benefitted from anything the county management has done? The answer is NO !

They have, Tesla has, the commissioner has, Mr. Norman has and the list goes on and on in TRIC.

Remember Conforte?

It wasn’t until the feds came to town that the last group of fat cats got the shaft …

Wait maybe that’s why they don’t like cops!!!!!!


Resident, Storey County

Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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