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Sheriff Antinoro Cleared of Ethics Charges

Photo courtesy of KOLO8 News. 5 protestors. 20 Signs. 0 effect.

Sheriff Antinoro Cleared of Ethics Charges

The Nevada Board of Ethics cleared Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro of Ethics violation charges yesterday. The charges were levied by Lance Gilman’s employee Kris Thompson and Carson City Sheriff’s Sargent Mike Cullen.

Kris Thomson alleged that Sheriff Antinoro “violated NRS 281A.400(2) and (7) when he wore the Storey County Sheriff’s Office uniform and/or badge in photos that appeared on campaign billboards and on Antinoro’s website and Facebook page during his campaign for re-election.”

Mike Cullen, who failed to unseat Antinoro as Sheriff in 2018, claimed a similar violation. According to Cullen, Antinoro improperly wore his Sheriff’s uniform during three debates against Cullen and while on a campaign float during a Memorial Day parade in Virginia City. While The Teller didn’t attend the Memorial Day parade, we did attend (and our Editor Sam Toll spoke as a candidate) the Rainbow Bend and Virginia City debates. Sheriff Antinoro was not in uniform at either debate. We’re not sure if the third debate took place anywhere outside Cullen’s imagination.

The Ethics Commission voted unanimously to dismiss both charges during the meeting yesterday.


Antinoro Cleared Of Ethics Charges
Mike Cullen speaks at the Virginia City Candidate Forum in May 2018. Sheriff Antinoro appears not in uniform.


Antinoro Cleared Of Ethics Charges
Sheriff Antinoro addresses the Rainbow Bend at the Candidate Forum also held in May 2108. Although this picture is not particularly clear, Antinoro was not in uniform at this forum.


Weak Protest, Strong Ruling

According to an eyewitness (who offered this information on the condition of anonymity) attending a business meeting near the Ethics Commission office yesterday morning, a truck containing protest signs arrived about an hour before the hearing. The truck stopped and distributed the signs to several people waiting in the parking lot. According to our source, there were roughly three times as many signs as there were people protesting. Our source told us, “There were about five protesters, 5 people from the media and someone from the Ethics Commission. They initially set up outside the wrong building but later moved to the building that houses the Ethics Commission. We were all looking at the group and wondering exactly what it was they were protesting about. They seemed pretty much out of sorts.”

Tag Team Death Match

Another round of the deathmatch between Storey County Commissioner, Mustang Ranch Brothel Owner, TRIC Executive, Former Blockchains Real Estate Broker of Record and Government Affairs Liason, and Kris Thompson’s alleged bunkmate Lance Gilman and Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro is in the books. Round 243 goes to Gerald Antinoro.

According to the RGJ, Lance Gilman’s Death Match tag team partner Kris Thompson said: “It’s disappointing that he’s sliding by yet again”. What is actually disappointing are the sad depths Gilman and Thompson will stoop to while subjecting the people of Storey County and Northern Nevada to their vendetta against Sheriff Antinoro.

“Try Him And Fry Him” – So demand Kris Thompson and Lance Gilman. Nice guys, both.


When you combine the relentless actions of Thompson and Gilman with the interesting comments of Mike Cullen, the residents of Storey County are in for more tough sledding in the summer of 2022.

According to KOLO8 News, Cullen said: “Had it been an equal playing field I think I would have won.” As a law enforcement officer, you are trained to be observant and expected to be honest. Claiming the Sheriff wore his uniform to the candidate forums is not factual. Suggesting the playing field was somehow unleveled by wearing his uniform at the Memorial Day Parade is stretching an average person’s credulity.

Cullen also said he intends to win the Storey County Sheriff’s office in the next election.

Does Anybody Really Live In Storey County?

Mike Cullen and Lance Gilman share some common threads. According to the Washoe County Assessor’s Office, they both own property in Washoe County. They both claim their Washoe County property as their primary residences on the tax roles. Meanwhile, they also claim they live in Storey County. In Gilman’s case, that claim has led him to the Nevada Supreme Court. In Cullen’s case, it led him to claim he lived with his relative Cheryl Curtis in Mark Twain. Check out this shady rental agreement.

Rental Agreement

Cullen no longer claims to live in Storey County while Commissioner Gilman continues to claim he lives in Storey County.

Cullen moved out of the trailer into an apartment in Gold Hill once folks began to talk about him being roommates with his relatives in a trailer (sound familiar?). He moved out nanoseconds after losing the election, but still managed to develop a hostile relationship with his neighbors during the time he was there. His neighbors approached The Teller during the election with claims of abusive and caustic treatment. After the election, his girlfriend’s daughter moved in but within weeks vacated the apartment. During the final days of the election, It was revealed that a San Diego man who was a friend of a friend donated $5,000 to Cullen’s campaign. This man was revealed to be a convicted sex offender and was alleged to have ties to Kris Thompson when they resided in San Diego.

The Teller was unable to confirm the ties to this man and Thompson. Similarly, we were unable to obtain proof that Cullen actually did return the money.

Stewart Handte and Kris Thompson supported Cullen throughout the 2018 primary. Together, they pulled out every stop to prevent Sheriff Antinoro from being elected. All the while, Lance Gilman quietly pulled the strings as the silent ringleader. Notwithstanding these efforts, the people of Storey County re-elected Sheriff Antinoro in 2018.

When Will It End?

Commissioner Gilman reminds me of our dog, Jack. Jack always attacked the Gold Hill porcupine community. Every time Jack attacked a porcupine, he came home with a face full of quills. And because we took out the quills ourselves instead of taking him to the vet, he howled like hell. Yet Jack never learned. The next time Jack got wind of the porcupine, he would end up howling louder than the last time.

I suspect we haven’t heard the end of Kris Thompson and Lance Gilman’s howling. After all, they see the porcupine every time they make the drive up from Washoe Valley.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. There are many inaccuracies in this story on the subject regarding Mike Cullen. I was an avid supporter of the Storey Teller, but if this is his best journalism, I wonder how accurate other articles in the past were…..

    • Carl, please elaborate. If there are errors or omissions, I will happily update the article and post a note regarding the correction.

      I drove to the Mark Twain property on Wagon Wheel address and talked to neighbors. Mike Cullen “has never been around this place. He doesn’t live here.” I was told by several sources that Curtis is a relative. I asked Cullen but he never responded. I did see his truck parked at the apartment in Gold hill in April and May 2018. His neighbors in Gold Hill described in detail his caustic behavior during his stay at the apartments. I was not able to confirm the rumor of bounced rent checks, so I didn’t include that information in the article.

      I strive for accuracy. Again, if there are errors or omissions in this article, I will happily update the article and post a note regarding the correction.

      Finally, Thank you for your support in the past. While every article I write should be my “Best Journalism”, some articles are better than others, and some are easier to write.

      Sam Toll

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