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Lockwood Forum

Lockwood Candidate Forum on May 29th

Lockwood Candidate Forum on May 29th

On May 29th, the second Storey County Candidate forum was held at the Rainbow Bend Community Clubhouse. The Lockwood Candidate Forum was put on by former newspaperwoman Karen Woodmansee and moderated by Loren Pursel and there were close to 100 people in attendance

Candidates for Storey County Commissioner Nicole Barde and Storey County School Board Candidate Sam Toll, who are not facing opponents in the primary, were given two minutes to introduce themselves.

Lockwood Forum
Nicole Barde, Dave Neidert, and Sheriff Antinoro talk to prospective voters.

The audio for the candidates appearing on the General Election ballot can be heard here:

Candidates Langer & Neidert, Carmona & McGuffey, and Antinior& Cullen were given time to introduce themselves and field questions from the audience. The questions were interesting and the candidate’s answers were, for the most part informative.

District Attorney Candidates

Lockwood Forum
Anne Langer explains why there are so many tickets in Storey County.
Lockwood Forum
Dave Neidert talks about why he is running.

Langer and Neidert talked about the number of cases the DA’s Office handles and how crime scene evidence is handled. The evidence collected at a crime scene is collected and stored at the Sheriff’s Office until the case is turned over to the District Attorney for prosecution. At that point, the evidence is shared with the defense and safeguarded with the District Attorney’s Office.

The audio for the District Attorney’s Office can be heard here:

Storey County Commissioner

Lockwood Forum
Loren looks on at Jay and Jack are all friendly.
Lockwood Forum
Jay talks about his experience as a Virginia City Highlands HOA leader.
Lockwood Forum
Jack McGuffey talks about the budget shortfall.


Candidates McGuffey and Carmona were asked about the budget deficit and if they thought it was appropriate to continue to push for a tax rollback or sending checks to county residents because of the success of TRIC even though the County’s Budget is 1.7 million dollars in the red. Jack McGuffey’s didn’t answer the question and he misquoted the actual number of the budget deficit. 

The Audio for the Storey County Commissioner Candidates can be heard here:


Storey County Sheriff

Lockwood Forum
Sheriff Antinoro addresses the crowd.


Lockwood Forum
Mike Cullen talks about his experience.


The majority of the questions were asked of the two candidates running for Sheriff, Mike Cullen, and Sheriff Antinoro. There were a number of questions asked of the candidates and their answers were quite revealing. Sadly, my phone blew up at

the end of the Sheriff’s Q&A and my recording software stopped abruptly. Luckily it was at the tail end of the questions, so you will miss the closing remarks.


Lockwood Forum
Loren and Sue Parcel of the Red Dog Saloon select the questions for the candidates.
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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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