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Brothel Zoning Designation Proposed for Storey County Planning Commission

Brothel Zoning Designation Proposed for Storey County Planning Commission.

Nearly three years after I wrote a piece that resulted in a defamation lawsuit, Storey County is finally addressing the issue raised. According to the latest Storey County Planning Department’s agenda, a brand spanking new zoning designation is being floated; B for Brothel.

Almost every other county in Nevada where brothels are legal have separate zoning requirements, so on the surface, this is a good thing. Given that Storey County had the first legal brothel in the nation, this has been a long time coming Looking at the proposed zoning ordinance, there could be some interesting new things coming to the Mustang Ranch.

As you read the text of this new zoning designation, keep in mind that Storey County has one brothel, The Mustang Ranch. The Mustang Ranch is owned by Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman. A reasonable person might conclude that Commissioner Gilman might have had some (or a whole lot) of influence in writing this new Zoning designation.

Here are some of the things that caught my eye during my first read-through:

New Things a Brothel Could Do Besides Sell Sex:

A. Retail uses, including convenience and general stores.

B. Eating and drinking establishments such as restaurants, drive-ins, coffee houses, and soda fountains.

C. Equestrian establishments.

D. Dude or guest ranches.

E. Museums.

F. Gaming establishments.

G. Hotel, motel, bed-and-breakfast inn, time-share, hostel, recreational vehicle park, and other transient commercial uses.

H. Personal services:

1. Barbers, hair stylists, beauticians, manicurists/pedicurists, spas, salons, tailors, massage establishments, and similar type uses

2. Wedding chapels and travel agencies.

3. Laundromats, laundry and dry-cleaning pick-up service; personal dry-cleaning services.

4. Veterinarian services indoor and outdoor.

I. Saloons, taverns, brew-pubs, micro-breweries, micro-distilleries; and micro-wineries with on- and off-site sales.

J. Other uses similar to the above which are determined by the board with action by the planning commission to be consistent with the uses permitted within the zone.

K. Uses and circumstances listed in section 17.52.020 which occur after the B Brothel zone approval will not affect the approved zone or the allowed uses listed in this section.

With the proposed changes, Storey County seeks to allow Commissioner Gilman vast leeway to expand the business opportunities at the Mustang Ranch. The possibilities seem endless.

Almost Anyone Can Live At The Brothel

The article I posted in October of 2017 discussed the notion that Commissioner Gilman Kris Thompson and Jennifer Barnes-Milsap bunk together in a cozy doublewide as their residence. Facts unearthed since the article was written, including documents filed at the Washoe County Assessors, interviews with former Mustang Ranch employees, and others confirm the fact that Jennifer and Lance don’t actually live at the Brothel.

With this new zoning ordinance, however, the brothel could be home to hundreds of new residents. From the proposed text:

C. Residential uses exclusively for the owner of the licensed brothel and the licensed brothel owner’s family and guests; employees directly associated with the licensed brothel; independent contractors that work as prostitutes, grounds keepers, food and beverage preparers, housekeeping, and other services at the licensed brothel; and healthcare providers and agents of the licensed brothel. Residential uses must be owned solely by the licensed brothel owner. Residential uses not owned by the licensed brothel owner are prohibited.

I invite you to read the entire text of the proposed zoning designation and consider the possibilities. This zoning designation seems to have been tailor-made to Commissioner Gilman’s specifications, and there are things that might be considered a barrier to entry for any future brothel that wants to horn in on Gilman’s turf.

I am filing a Public Record Request to see what, if any, interaction between the County and Commissioner Gilman may have taken place. If the County treats this request like others I’ve filed, I’ll post an update sometime in 2022.

Stay Tuned.

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