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Residents First. Special Interests Not First.

Key Facts on Nevada’s Spending Problems

How Special Interests Cost Storey County Part One – Reputation During my lobbying with legislators in the 2019 Nevada Legislative session, I had the opportunity to meet with legislators. During a meeting with the leadership in the Assembly, I mentioned I was a journalist in Storey County. “A journalist in …

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Brothel Zoning Designation Proposed for Storey County Planning Commission

Brothel Zoning Designation Proposed for Storey County Planning Commission. Nearly three years after I wrote a piece that resulted in a defamation lawsuit, Storey County is finally addressing the issue raised. According to the latest Storey County Planning Department’s agenda, a brand spanking new zoning designation is being floated; B …

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Carmona and McBride Call For End To The Lockdown

Are We Done Yet? Nicole Barde posted a piece yesterday asking the question: “When Do We End This?”. In it, she referred to letters that Commissioner Carmona and McBride wrote to Governor Sisolak begging to reopen Virginia City. Click here or read her piece below. Elon “The Saviour of the …

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Gilman v. Toll Nears Conclusion

Gilman v. Toll

Bottom of the 9th for Gilman v. Toll On March 19th, Judge James Wilson issued an “Order After Remand” in the Gilman v. Toll defamation case. In his order (which you can find below this article), Wilson considers the case based on the Supreme Court decision issued on December 5th. …

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Storey County Businesses Impacted By Orders to Close

Local Businesses Impacted

The Impact of Covid-19: Storey County Businesses Impacted Negatively Editors Note: This article was updated on March 19th. The update is listed at the bottom of the article. Storey County Commissioners declared a State of Emergency on March 17th, 2020 in response to the Covid-19 Virus that is gripping the …

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