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Storey County Taxable Sales Are Down in April

Storey County Taxable Sales Are Down in April The Nevada Department of Taxation released the taxable sales figures last week and they indicate a troubling trend. Storey County Taxable Sales Are Down in April, 2018 and this is the fourth consecutive monthly decline. So far this fiscal year, Storey County’s …

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Nevada’s Attorney General Finds No Reason To Prosecute Sheriff Antinoro

Nevada's Attorney General Exonerates Sheriff Antinoro

Nevada’s Attorney General Exonerates Sheriff Antinoro Storey County residents have endured an agonizing and relentless 6-year campaign against Sheriff Gerald Antinoro waged by Mustang Ranch Owner, TRIC and Blockchains Executive and Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman. Gilman’s efforts were marked by anonymous letters suggesting mishandling of the Judy Black investigation …

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Storey County’s Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla

Storey County's Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla

Storey County’s Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla As we reported earlier, Storey County’s budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 was approved by County Commissioners McBride, Gilman, and McGuffey at a 1.7 million dollar deficit. It appears as if three years into Nevada Governor Sandoval and TRIC Executive Lance Gilman’s “Deal of …

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The Teller Needs Your Help

The Storey Teller

I Need Your Help! For those of you who are new to The Teller, you may not know that I am being sued by Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman for defamation. 7 of the 8 charges have been thrown out, but one remains. Because I invoked the shield law during …

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Sunday Word Of The Day – Opportunity (O-Zone)

opportunity | ˌäpərˈt(y)o͞onədē | noun (plural opportunities) a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something: we may see increased opportunities for export | the collection gives students the opportunity of reading works by well-known authors. • a chance for employment or promotion: career opportunities in our New …

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The River District Wins With The Lockwood Food Pantry

Lockwood Food Pantry Provides Needed Services To Community Members On any given Wednesday, the Lockwood Food Pantry at the Senior Center opens up to distribute food to people who need it. Every other Wednesday, fresh food collected from charities and the Mustang Ranch is distributed from the Center. This effort …

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Sunday Word of the Day – Victory


victory | ˈvikt(ə)rē | noun (plural victories) an act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition: an election victory | they won their heat and went on to victory in the final | [as modifier]: a victory celebration. In April we wrote about the …

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Sunday Word of the Day – Vendetta

Gilman's Personal Vendetta

Lance Gilman’s Personal Vendetta. Why would a guy who has pretty much accomplished everything he has set out to do become fully engulfed in a white hot laser focus to destroy Sheriff Antinoro? Why would he resort to every underhanded trick to not simply get him out of office, but …

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Lance Gilman Launches “October Surprise” Against Antinoro

October Sruprise

Lance Gilman Launches October Surprise Against Antinoro Lance Gilman’s Attorney Joey Gilbert released a letter to Nevada Attorney Adam Laxalt calling for Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro to face charges of sexual harassment today. The letter (attached below), which contains salacious details gleaned from interviews and depositions taken in the …

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