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episode 24

Episode 24 – Sheriff Jerry and Jay Carmona

On Episode 24, we rebroadcast the Sheriff Jerry and Friends show. Storey County Commission Candidate Jay Carmona joins Sheriff Jerry to discuss his vision for the future of Storey County. In the interview, Mr. Carmona talks about a number of things of ionterest Tune in to learn more about Jay …

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Storey Teller Podcast Episode 20

Episode 20 – The Storey Teller Podcast – Free Press

In episode 20 of the Storey Teller Podcast, we talk about the plight of the Free Press in Storey County and across the fruited plain. Looking around, the landscape is changing. For better or for worse, only time will tell. However, the times they are a’changin and after the monologue, …

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Sheriff Jerry and Friends

Episode 16 – Sheriff Jerry, Nicole Barde & Jim Hindle

Episode 16 – Sheriff Jerry, Nicole Barde & Jim Hindle In this podcast, I talk about the change in the Status Quo and the Good ‘ol Boy network and how the political landscape is absolutely going to change this November. The question in everyone’s mind is how much that landscape …

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Epiisode 15

Episode 15 – Sheriff Jerry and Friends

Storey Teller Podcast Episode 15 On the Storey Teller Podcast Episode 15, we join The Sheriff Jerry and Friends show where we talk about detractors, the 601 Vigilance Committee and what it takes for a youngster who wants to be in Law Enforcement.

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