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Episode 23 – Sheriff Jerry and Friends with Nicole Barde and Sam Toll

Episode 23 – Sheriff Jerry and Friends with Nicole Barde and Sam Toll

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Episode 23

In Episode 23 Nicole Barde and Sam Toll join Sheriff Antinoro on the Sheriff Jerry and Friends Show. They discuss their vision for the future of Storey County. Some of the topics include same-sex bathrooms at school and an economic zone for Merchants on C Street. They also discuss the pipeline and Storey County’s budget.

This show represents an excellent contrast to the show with Mr. Carmona and Sheriff Jerry this week. Nicole Barde talks details and specifics. Mr. Carmona delivers fewer specifics and gives a more generalized view of how he might lead Storey County.

We will push the interview with Mr. Carmona for you to listen for later this week. You can draw your own conclusions about who is better equipped sit between Commissioner McBride and the big money interests of Lance Gilman and TRIC.

This November, stay informed and vote wisely.



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