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Will Special Interests Control Storey County for the Next Four Years?

Special Interest Money Dominates Storey County Commissioner Races As the first weekend of early voting draws to a close in Storey County, The four candidates vying for the two open County Commission seats filed their financial documents. They are very telling. Candidate Filings According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s …

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County Commission Race Turns Ugly

Storey County Commissioner District One Race Turns Ugly Storey County Commission District One Candidates Clay Mitchell and I vowed to run clean campaigns. Up to this point, both candidates have stuck to the issues. Sadly, things turned ugly when this piece of paper was tacked to the Virginia City Post …

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Key Facts on Nevada’s Spending Problems

Residents First. Special Interests Not First.

How Special Interests Cost Storey County Part One – Reputation During my lobbying with legislators in the 2019 Nevada Legislative session, I had the opportunity to meet with legislators. During a meeting with the leadership in the Assembly, I mentioned I was a journalist in Storey County. “A journalist in …

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