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Sheriff Jerry and Friends

Episode 16 – Sheriff Jerry, Nicole Barde & Jim Hindle

Episode 16 – Sheriff Jerry, Nicole Barde & Jim Hindle In this podcast, I talk about the change in the Status Quo and the Good ‘ol Boy network and how the political landscape is absolutely going to change this November. The question in everyone’s mind is how much that landscape …

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Epiisode 15

Episode 15 – Sheriff Jerry and Friends

Storey Teller Podcast Episode 15 On the Storey Teller Podcast Episode 15, we join The Sheriff Jerry and Friends show where we talk about detractors, the 601 Vigilance Committee and what it takes for a youngster who wants to be in Law Enforcement.

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Episode Twelve – Sheriff Jerry and Friends

The Storey Teller Podcast – Episode Twelve Sheriff Gerald Antinoro took to the airwaves on Tuesday, May 22nd to talk Storey County Politics with his new show Sheriff Jerry and Friends. Sheriff Jerry was joined by Lockwood resident Andrew Poh, Attorney J.D. Sullivan and yours truly Sam Toll with thestoreyteller.online. …

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Patricia Ackerman Candidate For District 39- Episode 11

In this eleventh episode of the Storey Teller Podcast, we interview Patricia Ackerman. Ms. Ackerman, a Democrat from Minden, is running for Nevada Assembly District 37 and will oppose Jim Wheeler. We had a chance to meet after a fundraiser held at a home in Silver City last week.  Ms. …

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Disrespecting Women – Episode 10

In this episode of The Storey Teller Podcast, I respond to an editorial on the topic of men’s attitudes toward women appearing in the latest episode of The Comstock Chronicle. Departing from her normal accurate reporting, Karen Woodmansee elected to misquote a statement I made from the December 5th Commissioner …

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