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Disrespecting Women – Episode 10

Disrespecting Women – Episode 10
The Storey Teller Podcast

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In this episode of The Storey Teller Podcast, I respond to an editorial on the topic of men’s attitudes toward women appearing in the latest episode of The Comstock Chronicle.

Departing from her normal accurate reporting, Karen Woodmansee elected to misquote a statement I made from the December 5th Commissioner Meeting. In doing so she completely twisted the context and intent of my words to fit her narrative. With this podcast, I invite you to read what she wrote and compare them to my actual words. In doing so, you might draw a different conclusion than she the one she came to in her otherwise on point piece.

Great Piece On Women, Intentional Misquote

I totally agree with the substance and meaning of her editorial. However, twisting what I said in the manner she did and characterizing me it the manner she did is surprising. When you compare what I said with what Commissioner Gilman said, you will notice differences in our attitudes towards women.

Listen to the podcast and come to your own conclusion as to who is the offensive one…


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