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Patricia Ackerman Candidate For District 39- Episode 11

The Storey Teller
The Storey Teller
Patricia Ackerman Candidate For District 39- Episode 11

In this eleventh episode of the Storey Teller Podcast, we interview Patricia Ackerman. Ms. Ackerman, a Democrat from Minden, is running for Nevada Assembly District 37 and will oppose Jim Wheeler.

We had a chance to meet after a fundraiser held at a home in Silver City last week.  Ms. Ackerman considers Education, Healthcare and the Economy to be her main focuses and hopes to bring a fresh perspective and a fresh set of eyes to the citizens of the 39th Assembly District.

With the support of the Democratic Party’s machine, a healthy war chest and an infectious passion for change, Patricia will be a person of interest as the 2018 political season unwinds.

To learn more about Ms. Ackerman, visit her website: www.ackerman4assembly.com

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. I’m listening to this to find out her opinion on the Commerce Tax. This is a tax that needs to be repealed. It should have NEVER been passed as it taxes a business’s gross, not its net. If you’ve ever owned a business, you know there’s a great disparity between gross & net profits. Also, I have a very small business and had to fill out a TON of paperwork due to this tax. It created many more bean counters who contribute NOTHING to the economy.

  2. Ackerman says she was shocked that Wheeler voted against the Equal Rights Amendment in the Nevada Legislature. Is she aware that:
    1. Misleads publicized purpose – The ERA is not about equal rights for women. If it were, it would duplicate the 14th Amendment.
    2. Contradicts Years of Social Science — Men and women are different. ERA would remove all legal distinctions between sexes. ERA does not mention “women.”
    3. Ends Social Security Benefits for Spouses – According to Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, a book written by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the ERA will change 800 federal laws including the elimination of social security benefits for wives and widows. (pages 206, 211-212).
    4. Forces Women into Combat – “Not only would women, including mothers be subject to the draft, but the military would be compelled to place them in combat units alongside of men and in some cases… (U.S. House Judiciary Committee Report (No. 92-359, July 14, 1971). “Equality of rights under law shall not be denied…on account of sex.”
    5. Eliminates Child Support – “ …[I]t could relieve the fathers of the primary responsibility for the support of even infant children, as well as the support of the mothers of such children…” (U.S. House Judiciary Committee Report (No. 92-359, July 14, 1971). “Equality of rights under law shall not be denied…on account of sex.”
    6. Gives even more power to Federal Government — Section II of the ERA states that “The Congress shall have the power to enforce by appropriate legislation the provisions of this article.” This would give enormous new powers to the Federal Government that now belong to the states in areas of law which include traditional differences of treatment “on account of sex”: marriage, property laws, divorce and alimony, child custody, adoptions, abortion, sex crimes, private and public schools, prison regulations, and insurance.
    The above are just a few of the problems with the ERA.

    • Most people don’t understand Bastiat’s notion of seen and the unseen. What they assume will happen is a little different than what actually happens. What they don’t consider is the unseen consequences of what they propose.

      • That’s right, Monsieur l’Editor. I did have trouble listening to the entire podcast, as it stuck in the middle when I played it, & wouldn’t unstick. I did hear her argument against school vouchers, but I didn’t hear anything about people who choose to send their children to a faith-based school. I spent 10 years in Catholic schools, so my dad paid the portion of his property taxes for public schools, and paid again my tuition for Catholic schools. Is this fair? We weren’t rich, but my dad wanted me to have a faith-based education. In hindsight, this was a good decision. Although I’m not a Catholic now, I wouldn’t hesitate to send my child to a Catholic school as I believe the values and sense of responsibility towards others, and for property, are priorities in these schools. Also, they don’t have to teach a state’s curriculum, aka Common Core. So, what would Ackerman have to say about that? Common Core is a BIG DEAL to many parents in Nevada, & they DON’T want their children taught that.

  3. Ackerman was also shocked when she heard that her opponent, Jim Wheeler, would “vote for slavery.” I still rue the day that we video’d Assemblyman Wheeler’s talk to Storey County GOP. We naively put that video on youtube, where it sat for months, unnoticed. No one who heard Wheeler’s remarks that day thought ANYTHING negative about them. Why? Because we knew the context in which they were given. Wheeler wasn’t saying he was for slavery, or anything of the sort. He used that as an EXTREME example, meaning that he was ALWAYS going to vote in the direction that his constituents desired. He was there to SERVE HIS DISTRICT – NOT HIMSELF, or OUTSIDE INTERESTS! But, the democrat party took this remark & flayed Wheeler from one end of the country to the other. Wheeler survived just fine, and will continue to serve us with diligence in the assembly.

  4. Gov. Brian Sandoval: “Assemblyman Wheeler’s comments are deeply offensive and have no place in our society. He should retract his remarks and apologize.”

    U.S. Senator Dean Heller: Wheeler’s remarks are “insensitive and wrong.”
    The Democratic caucus of the Nevada State Assembly: The remarks are “reprehensible and disgusting.”

    Michele Fiore, a conservative Republican member of the Nevada State Assembly: “As someone who believes wholeheartedly in listening to our constituents, I’m confident that they would agree with me that there is no place in our society for the comments made by Assemblyman Wheeler who doesn’t even understand that the United States is a republic because we protect the voice of the minority.

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