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Dan Schwartz

Dan Schwartz, Candidate for Governor – Episode Eight

In this episode, we interview Dan Schwartz, Candidate for Governor of Nevada in 2018. We discuss School Vouchers, the Commerce Tax and a variety of other topics. Dan is an interesting guy and strikes me as someone who will drain the swamp of lobbyists and other swamp monsters.  

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Interview with Danny Tarkanian – Episode Seven

In this episode, we interview Danny Tarkanian in the Virginia City Highlands. Our conversation covered a number of different topics and issues. Big Thanks to Breck Greninger for hosting the event and allowing us to make this interview possible.  Danny is running against Dean Heller. If the recent race in …

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Storey Teller Podcast Episode 5

Sheriff Antinoro 4th of July- Episode Five

We caught up with Sheriff Antinoro to discuss DNA Testing, summer safety as the 4th of July rolls up and the recruiting process underway to place new men and women on the roles of the Storey County Sheriff’s Roster. The Fourth of July is traditionally the busiest part of the …

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Storey Teller Episode Four

Sheirff Antinoro discusses Body Cams and County Safety

In this episode of the Storey Teller Podcast, Sheriff Antinoro and I discuss pending legislation that will require body cameras on all law enforcement personnel, Adequate Personnel coverage in the North and South ends of the county and Open Containers of Marijuana. I had some technical difficulties that made the …

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Interview with Sheriff Antinoro – Episode Three

In episode three of  The Storey Teller Podcast, we discuss the cause for the slowdown of stories written lately. We then interviewed Sheriff Antinoro and discussed the budget that was approved this week, the impact that legalized cannabis has had on his office and the community based policing that we …

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