Interview with Sheriff Gerald Antinoro – Episode One

Interview with Sheriff Gerald Antinoro – Episode One
The Storey Teller Podcast

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In this inaugural episode of podcast, we interview Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro. We discuss the allegations made in the Recall Petition and in ads run in the local paper. The introduction contains opinions made by the host and are not necessarily the opinion of Sheriff Antinoro.


We will post the show notes mentioned in the podcast shortly.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Sheriff Gerald Antinoro – Episode One

  1. Jerry: Ian proud to not only call you Sheriff but also call you a Gentleman and Friend. I’m with you all the way! Thank you for the superb job you’ve done so far! If I can be of any service just ask.

  2. I really don’t understand why all the animus against Gerald Antinoro. I think he’s been a great sheriff.
    Besides doing a straight up job he seems to have soul, an earthy side to him that make people like me support him. Perhaps those same qualities related to personal openness put other people off. I believe the country could use more sheriffs like Jerry.

    I hope he’s still in office when we come back to visit this spring. I hope I have a chance to personally congratulate him on maintaining his steadiness despite the difficulties associated with the vote April 11.
    Whether he wins or loses I want to congratulate Jerry for his courage under fire.

    Something about this recall stinks, and that odor does not emanate from Sheriff Antinoro in my opinion. Since politics in general stinks to high heaven these days, I’d say this recall is more about politics. than it is re sexual harassment, or all the other stuff they’ve thrown against the wall in the hopes one of them will stick.

    James Reeves

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