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Storey County GOP Responds To Candidate Cullen

The Teller received this Letter To The Editor moments ago.

Read it here now or wait until Friday to read about it in the local fish wrapper.

June 4, 2018

Dear Editor:

With early voting in full swing and Election Day one week away why would candidate Cullen publicly post a misrepresented conversational exchange in which he disparages the Storey County GOP?

This past Saturday Breck Greninger held a BBQ at her house hosting Republican candidates for statewide office. The Storey County GOP assisted with this event which was to be open to Storey County residents and local candidates for office.

If Mr Cullen was confused about the plan for the event, he could have investigated to clarify information with others of us in Party leadership with whom he has had contact. That he instead chose to post online inaccurate details of a conversation could only be intended to escalate the situation into direct conflict with Ms Greninger and the local GOP. This is disappointing – especially so in a person who desires to be the County’s Sheriff.

We depend on our Sheriff to Defuse Conflict, bring about Peaceful Resolution to heated situations, and to interact with residents to Build Community so that situations can be resolved without escalation.

The County GOP has intentionally kept a low profile during this primary cycle. However, the divisive and disingenuous public posts this past week conflict with our fundamental principle that good government is one where the elected officials respect the voters for whom they work, and hold themselves accountable for making our community a better and more enjoyable place to live.

Mr. Cullen’s behavior is discouraging enough to merit response.

The Executive Board of the Storey County Republican Party

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About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Patrick Gilmore

    Where’s the link to his post? I want the full story. Not just that he disparaged Storey County GOP.

    • I’m on the road today. I’ll track it down. Basically, Cullen said he was not invited and would be asked to leave and subject to arrest if he showed up

      The host denied the accusation.

      • So the truth of the matter isn’t really known, is it? It is all in who you believe about a conversation that was only between 2 people. Before discounting anyone, I would examine each parties’ history of making false and inflammatory statements, playing the victim time and time again, and inserting themselves into virtually every issue in the county.

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