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Storey County Community Comes Together

Storey County Community Comes Together For The Family of Janice McElhaney

Storey County Community Comes Together Assist Local Family

As reported in The Teller, Janice McElhaney was murdered on Sunday, January 26th in the Virginia City Highlands. In the days that followed, Esmie Hess set up a gofundme page to help her surviving children.

From the gofundme page:

On Sunday, January 26th, the world felt a tragic loss. Janice (Jana) McElhaney went to be with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Her sudden death due to domestic violence was sudden and unexpected. Janice had numerous friends and family, but in particular, need are her children that are left behind. Aaron (20), Ian (18) and Aden (13) who no longer have any means of support due to the circumstances of Janice’s death.

With all the complications existing with the loss of their mother, the boys are frantically trying to figure out how to support themselves as Ian has special medical needs and Aden is a minor. This dilemma, along with their loss, is truly overwhelming and honestly, more than anyone, let alone young children should be confronted with. Along with the trauma, the boys are scared.

The immediate need is for funeral and burial costs along with normal living expenses. Due to complications existing with the events of Janice’s death, the boys have no legal right to the home in which they lived. There is no life insurance or any other means of short or long term support.
As a family, we are all pulling together what we can and ask that you consider helping these young men in this time of need. Anything helps as it truly is a tragic situation.

When I looked at the page this morning, the total donations were just over $11,000. At noon the total raised eclipsed $15,000. This is a testament to the nature of the people here in Storey County. When it is time to pull together to take care of our own, Storey County shines. Storey County Community Comes Together for the McElhaneys.

Please visit the gofundme page and contribute if you are able.

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  1. A good thing done in a time of need Storey County ❤️

  2. Is there a way to donate that isn’t GoFundMe? They take such a huge amount If I donate I want 100% going to the family.

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