Keep Free Speech Alive In Storey County

Storey County Arrest Blotter July 23 – August 4

Remember, this is still an America where people are innocent until proven guilty.

Let’s not change that, ever. Fun Fact. Storey County just released like three of these in a row, so I am gonna push them all at once to get caught up. Then back to your regualarly scheduled programming.

I normally don’t comment on these mugshots, but I am making an exception (actually two) today…

If you know Raina, please help her with her alcohol problem. She looks like a decent young woman and probably has extenuating circumstances that contributed to her current predicament. If you care about her, please consider stepping in and getting her the help she needs. I lost 8 close friends to drunk driving and quit drinking as a result. She could end up killing herself and/or others and deserves, like everyone here, a helping hand.


Looks like he got a break. 98 is less than 100, that’s for sure…

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Keep Free Speech Alive

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  1. Sam Toll, 8/24/19
    I keep waiting to see you know who(s).
    Sam DNA Dehne

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