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Storey County Arrest Blotter - June 11 - 17

Storey County Arrest Blotter – June 11 – 17

Storey County Arrest Blotter – June 11 – 17

Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro released the following arrest information on the Storey County Arrest Blotter – June 11 – 17.


Storey County Arrest Blotter - June 11 - 17


Storey County Arrest Blotter - June 11 - 17


Nicole Barde for Storey County Commissioner


This information is provided as a public service to the residents of Storey County and all of Northern Nevada. Remember, people; this is still America. All people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. Inclusion on this page is only an indication of arrest and not of guilt. The Storey Teller will circulate this information without commentary as to the specific details of each case. We will clearly identify the alleged crime and the details of the offense.

Anyone pictured here who can provide information that clears their name (cleared warrant, paid fines, etc) will be removed from this site. While public shaming is a questionable practice and does not by itself serve any practical purpose on it’s own, people who engage in activity that is harmful to the community should be called out. Drunk driving, violence, theft, murder, dangerous drug use and many other things put the rest of us at risk. Those people who engage in this type of behavior are still innocent until proven guilty and people should refrain from trying them in the court of Facebook or Twitter.

It is also important to know that folks who have bench warrants issued have had, in most cases, multiple opportunities to resolve the issue before the court issues the warrant. While the working stiff who gets a ticket and can’t afford to pay it because the fines and fees are a flat f-ing ripoff is straight up fact, most courts will allow a payment plan and will generally work with folks to resolve the issue before issuing the warrant. Similarly, when you get a DUI and are (rightfully) placed in AA meetings and counseling. If you blow that stuff off, the courts will generally work with the person to give them a chance to get it together. Only when the person is an idiot to the judge or themselves will the warrant finally be issued.

Stay out of trouble, don’t drink or blaze and drive and don’t speed. You won’t be here if you do. Hopefully.




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