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The River District Wins With The Lockwood Food Pantry

Lockwood Food Pantry Provides Needed Services To Community Members

On any given Wednesday, the Lockwood Food Pantry at the Senior Center opens up to distribute food to people who need it. Every other Wednesday, fresh food collected from charities and the Mustang Ranch is distributed from the Center.

This effort is spearheaded by Donna Rae Denhan. Ms. Denhan coordinates donators and recipients to make sure all those who arrive with empty grocery bags leave with those bags loaded with lots of food.

Lockwood Food Pantry
Donna Rae Denhan and Colleen Conley sort this weeks bounty for distribution to the residents of the River District.

Storey County Commission Candidate Nicole Barde traveled to the pantry this past Wednesday to see for herself the impact the food has on the Seniors.

“Storey County is made up of more than 50% of people who are 55 and older. Many of these folks, like me, live on a fixed income. It is refreshing to see people like Donna Rae doing such important work. The generosity of Commissioners Lance Gilman and Jack McGuffey combined with the hard work of Donna Lee and her volunteers really makes a difference in Lockwood and Rainbow Bend. The Lockwood Food Pantry is a wonderful thing that helps make our community strong.” explained Ms. Barde.

Lockwood Food Pantry
People living in the River District really benefit from the food pantry.

All Are Welcome. All Are Served.

Ms. Denhan told The Teller, “We welcome anyone who walks through our doors with food. In the past, we have worked with food banks. Some of these entities insist we conduct need assessments from our clients. I won’t do that. We welcome everyone with food. I don’t care if you drive a brand new Caddilac or a broken down car, everyone here is welcome. We don’t judge.”

Lockwood Food Pantry
Raley’s donated baked foods and other fresh items this week.

Thrive Market and other companies donate non-perishable pantry items. Fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs, milk and other perishable items are donated every other week.

Lockwood Food Pantry
Dry Goods and non-perishables from Thrive Market are available throughout the week.

Donna Rae Denham also discussed the Meals on Wheels that come throughout the month. “We have an interlocal agreement with Washoe County. They deliver lunch every day to anyone on the list. Lunches cost $2.00 but no one is turned away for lack of funds. We just don’t do that to our neighbors.”

Ms. Barde talked with the folks gathered at the center and talked about the kitchen table issues that affect them. Traffic, slow to no internet service and support from the Sheriff’s Office are always popular topics.

Donna Rae, Colleen Conley and the hard-working volunteers serve Storey County well. We are lucky to have them in our community.


Apologies to Donna Rae whose name I accidentally wrote down as Donna Lee when we spoke.

Nicole Barde for Storey County Commissioner

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