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Meatloaf McGuffey Rolls Up Sleeves To Start To The “Hard Work” As Election Nears

Meatloaf McGuffey Hard At Work Creating Controversy

In the March 9th episode of the Comstock Comical, Jack “Not As Good As Meatloaf” McGuffey is pictured signing his paperwork for re-election as Storey County Commissioner. The Article discusses things that McGuffey considers accomplishments made during his tenure as “the hardest working commissioner” in Storey County. 

Following up on his 2014 Campaign Slogan “I’m Running Because They Want Me”, McGuffey kicks off his 2018 campaign slogan “Starting My Unfinished Business Now That It’s Re-Election Time”.

In the article, he runs down all the things he has tried to do since being elected three years ago.

Nicole Barde, also running for Storey County Commissioner, took umbrage with Jack’s claims of accomplishment at the Senior Center.

It should be noted Mr. McGuffey has already been admonished for his tactics with the Senior Center. Mr. McGuffey recently accused Ms. Barde of being responsible for losing $800 of Senior Center Funds. Storey County Senior Center Executive Director Stacey Gilbert’s monthly reports account for every cent of Senior Center Funds and quick inspection confirmed that Mr. McGuffey was talking out of his hat; there was never a moment when any Senior Center Funds were unaccounted for. This accusation prompted Ms. Barde to read the following into the record at a January Storey County Commissioners Meeting:

It came to my attention over the holidays that Commissioner Jack Mcguffey has once again been spreading untrue rumors about the senior center. The first time that this happened was in 2017 and I had to have a clarifying conversation with Commissioner McGuffey in Pat Whittens office with Pat Whitten present. During that meeting I asked Commissioner McGuffey to go back to everyone that he had told this rumor to and tell them that it was not true. I also asked that if in the future he had any questions or concerns about the Senior Center to come to me first.

A couple of weeks ago I was told that Commissioner McGuffey was telling people “ the senior center is missing $800 and Nicole is the treasurer and can’t handle money”.
When I heard this I knew that it was not true but had to speak with Center Executive Director Stacy Gilbert and ask her the question “ are we missing $800?”

The answer is what I expected…. “ no Nicole we are not, I can show you the accounts”. Stacy was crushed that this false rumor had been put out there.

Stacy Gilbert , and her staff, have worked tirelessly to strengthen and expand the Senior Center’s services to provide for more seniors. They have put effective and transparent financial and inventory systems in place and have become a benchmark to other centers on how to do fundraising. Significant improvements in the quality of food, service, activities and events have been implemented and continue to this day.

We Deserve Better Than This

The Center’s board of directors have all jumped in to support Stacy and the center with countless hours of work. They all deserve better than this slap across the face by you.

To be clear, the Senior Center is not missing any money. Please come examine the books yourself. Stacy Gilbert is a county employee reporting to Cherie Nevin, another county employee. Hugh Gallagher is the comptroller overseeing the centers finances. It takes two board signatures to write a check, we have two people counting and logging cash when we have it and we don’t typically have more than $100 in cash.

I am not the treasurer, I am the board chair and some of the other board members and signators on the account are Virginia Nevin, who is the treasurer, Ellie Curtis and Edith Andreesen.

Once again, Commissioner McGuffey, I ask that you go back to those you’ve told this rumor to and tell them that it is not true. I also ask that if you hear of anything concerning the Center that concerns you come to me or Stacy Gilbert.

Lastly, I will tell you again what I told you when we met in Whittens office…..if you want to come after me…..just do it directly…..don’t involve the Senior Center.

Nicole Barde
VCH Resident

After his latest comments in the fish-wrapper about the Senior Center, Ms. Barde took to her blog to remind Mr. McGuffey about being admonished for using the Senior Center for his personal political advantage. In her post, Ms. Barde takes Mr. McGuffey to task for once again trying to promote his “efforts” at the Center for political advantage.

Below is the opening salvo in what looks to be in interesting 2018 Commissioner Campaign.

I’m Stocking Up On Popcorn. This Is Gonna Be A Fun Political Season…

Dear Jack,



I read with great interest this week’s interview with you in the Chronicle and one of the many blatant exaggerations and misstatements that it is peppered with was your statement that “I started the commissioner’s day lunch, the first Monday of the month, when I buy everyone lunch.” He said. “The reason for this is the senior center needs attendance to get funding. This is my way to help bring the people in.”

The article continues:

He said the first time there were only eight to 10 people, but now it is about 25. He joins them most of the time and has a chance to talk to the seniors.

This statement makes it sound like you have single-handedly increased the numbers wholesale at the center. No Jack. YOU HAVE NOT. Meatloaf day does better than you.

Meatloaf day does better than you.

Jack, while it is nice that you are buying lunches on Mondays, we, the Board, thought it was because you were being generous and selfless. Guess we were wrong. When you tout your “generosity” it’s called self-promotion. Normal people do a good deed and keep quiet about it.

To read the entire post, click here.


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