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Storey County Commission Meeting, May 15th

Barde Announces Candidacy for Storey County Commissioner

Barde Announces Candidacy for Storey County Commissioner

Nicole Barde announced on bardeblog.com she is running for County Commissioner in District 2. With her announcement, there are now three candidates vying for the seat. Barde, who ran in 2014 as a Democrat will be running as a Non-Partisan in 2018.

Since her loss in 2014, Barde started bardeblog.com and has reported on virtually all Stoey County Commission Meetings as well as the VCTC and V&T Rail Commission meetings.

Non-Partisan Status Requires Signatures To Qualify For Ballot

Becuase she has no party affiliation, she is required to obtain 19 signatures of registered voters (1% of the voters who voted in 2016) to qualify for the ballot. Thanks to the Nevada Primary System, Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians can only vote for people in their party. However, as a non-Partisan, Barde will likely avoid a challenger unless another non-partisan candidate emerges from the Virginia City Highlands.

As of this writing, no Democrats or Libertarians have tipped their hand to step into the mosh pit of Storey County Politics. Unless new candidates toss their hats in the ring, Jay Carmona and Jack McGuffey will duke it out in the Republican primary on June 12th while Barde will take on the winner in November.

Candidates Talk Platforms And Issues On The Internet

Jack McGuffey, Jay Carmona, and Nicole Barde describe their vision of how they would lead the county over the next four years. They represent very different backgrounds and skill sets. On Barde’s website, which you can find here, some interesting insights can be pulled from her professional experience and dedication to the communities of Storey County. Based on her track record in the global marketplace and her tireless service to the community, a vote for Nicole Barde would be a vote for the interests of all county residents.

We reached out to Ms. Barde and asked her to share some thoughts about her thoughts on the County’s future.

“This election is key to the future direction of Storey County. The entire composition of the county is changing. With new residents and companies moving in, their expectations, needs, and values are going to add to our county’s culture. We need to be ready for those challenges. This is not a time for the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach” explained Ms. Barde.

Sober Hands On The County Pursestrings

At some point, the county will be getting some increased revenues at TRIC. It could be five or ten years down the road, but at some point, there may actually be some revenue flowing from TRIC. As we saw this year, the existing county leadership made some spectacularly questionable uses of the money which you can read about here and here and here. It would be a refreshing change if the
According to Ms. Barde, “Everything we’re doing today is significantly different from what we did yesterday and needs to be different tomorrow. As I have stated before we need people in our county government who have been to where we are going as a county in order to respond quickly and in the right way the first time.”

World Class Experience, World Class Results

We asked Ms. Barde how her corporate experience at Intel might benefit the County; “With over 30 years of executive management and leadership experience in the corporate and small business world, I have been on the corporate side of moving into small communities. I understand what is needed on both sides for a successful partnership. I have experience negotiating large contracts and partnership agreements as part of my career in a Fortune 100 company. I worked in high tech in Silicon Valley for 20 years and was part of a start-up facility like Tesla/Panasonic in Arizona. I understand intimately what our high tech companies need and expect in order to successfully operate in Storey County”, she explained.

“Gone are the days of voting for your friend or who you like because they bought you a beer once.”

Gone are the days of voting for a candidate because of their last name, their relation to your sister’s cousins daughter in law or because they bought rounds at the Corner Bar. Storey County is growing up and it’s time for folks to do some research before they fill in the oval at the Courthouse.
In closing, Ms. Barde shared: “I invite the county’s voters to really examine the candidates, what they bring to the party, what they view as the issues and what plans they have. I have been involved in asking tough questions, raising issues, suggesting solutions and informing our residents of how our local government works for many years. I will continue to do so as your Commissioner.”

The welcome winds of change are whipping up a nice little Washoe Zephyr up in the Highlands. Let’s see what they do to the status quo come June 12th…

Stay Tuned.

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