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Storey County Taxable Sales Continue To Plummet

Storey County Taxable Sales Figures Drop for Eighth Consecutive Month At the December 4th Storey County Commission meeting, Commissioner Marshall McBride told the audience “If you aren’t moving forward, you are moving backward.” He used this quip as part of his justification to funnel $22 million dollars of future tax …

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Is The Blockchains Smart City At TRIC A Done Deal?

White Collar Welfare Recipients Hunting For Handouts At The Storey County Courthouse Barring an alien abduction of Commissioner Jack McGuffey or Marshall McBride, The Storey County Commissioners will hand over $20 million in future Storey County tax revenue to billion dollar global companies at TRIC by forming a Tax Increment …

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Blockchains Announces Smart City at TRIC

Blockchains Announces Smart City

Blockchains CEO Jeffrey Burns announced plans for a 10,000 home “Smart City” at TRIC yesterday. Burns, speaking at a technology conference in Prague, told the excited crowd that he was creating the first connected Smart City built on the backbone of Blockchain technology. When the teller first got wind of …

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The Weekly TWIT – This Week In Tesla July 14th

TWIT - This week in Tesla

The Weekly TWIT – This Week In Tesla July 14th Another interesting week for Tesla is in the books, and Elon Musk didn’t disappoint the folks watching him make news. From hell in Fremont to caves in Thailand to Chinese Gigafantasies to the Flint water savior, Elon was hopping the …

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Lance Gilman Launches “October Surprise” Against Antinoro

October Sruprise

Lance Gilman Launches October Surprise Against Antinoro Lance Gilman’s Attorney Joey Gilbert released a letter to Nevada Attorney Adam Laxalt calling for Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro to face charges of sexual harassment today. The letter (attached below), which contains salacious details gleaned from interviews and depositions taken in the …

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