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Storey County Has Two New Hopeful Dope Dealers

The Nevada Department of Taxation announced this week they issued 61 new conditional licenses for Marijuana businesses across Nevada. The majority of the licenses are in Southern Nevada (31) with 6 in Henderson, 10 in Las Vegas proper, 5 in North Las Vegas and 10 in the Unincorporated area of Clark County. Up north, Reno has 6, Carson City has 2 and Douglas County has 2 applicants. The license applicants have a year to get local approval and obtain final permission from the Department of Taxation to have an actual state license issued.

But what really caught my eye were the two applications right here in The Richest Place on Earth. Each application is submitted with a $5000 non-refundable application fee. The cost for the license varies depending on what license is being sought. The cost for a retail store license is $20,000, a testing lab is $15,000, a production license is $10,000, and a cultivation license will run you $30,000. Last year, Storey County’s took $90,000 of the $63 million from the tax on legal Texas Tea.

Just Say No
I didn’t know you used a needle to snort mairhuana…

Someone Should Have Told Them…

The gentle readers of The Teller will remember that in 2016 a company tried to open shop in Storey County with an application to dispense recreational on C Street. While there were people in support of the idea, County Commissioners Marshall McBride and Lance Gillman were violently opposed to anything that had anything to do with the Devil’s Herb.

The irony of Commissioner McBride showing anger and disdain for legal cannabis while being Storey County’s biggest drug dealer (Yes, Virginia, alcohol is a dangerous drug that kills people every day, and The Bucket of Blood is the biggest slinger of booze in Storey County) is not lost on me. Ignoring the fact that in 2016 Storey County voters approved Question 2, both McBride and Gilman have made energetic defenses of their tired outdated “just say no” stance on the Hippy Lettuce.

Just Say No
Where can I get me one of those snappy Just Say No hats?

The Commission went so far as to make the only modification to the TRIC developer agreement to prohibit all things weed at TRIC. At the meeting in October 2016 when they denied the initial application (which you can read about on bardeblog.com here), Commissioner Gilman made himself out to be as pure as the wind-driven snow when he waxed about how his prostitutes were drug tested every night before they went to bed. Commissioner McBride insisted the all knowing and all seeing Federal Government in Washington D.C. is vastly more qualified and capable of making decisions for us than we are, showing he didn’t make it to the Tenth Amendment in his Virginia City High School Civics and Government classes. Commissioner McGuffey, to his credit, mumbled something unintelligible.

Just Who Are These Hopeful Dopefuls?

Nevada State Law prohibits Medicinal Cannabis users and caregivers from being identified, so the State Department of Taxation is bending this law to keep the license applicants secret. It’s a shame because I for one want to know who they are. I have a sneaking suspicion who one of them is. Recently we wrote about Blockchains plan to build a 10,000 resident Smart City Utopia at TRIC. You can rest assured that the Silicon Valley Smart City Hipsters aren’t going to make the trip to Washoe County to bake themselves with their DiGiorno’s after a long day of blockchianing. Heck, the drones will probably deliver the DiGiorno’s and a bag of the Dankness in 15 minutes or less in Smart Cityland.

My money says the two licenses are destined for the land of Merry TRICsters. I’ll bet you a nickel that Mustang Ranch hand, County Commissioner, TRIC owner, and Blockchains Employee Lance “The Magnificent” Gilman will soon be telling us how great the Blockchains strain is for creativity.

If the newest weed slingers in Storey County are in fact Blockchainers, let’s see how fast Commissioner Gilman spins a 180 and tells us how great weed is to enhance your Mustang Ranch Experience.

OG Kush and Lance The Magnificent; Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

Stay Tuned

Disclaimer: As a Libertarian, I don’t like to tell people what to do. And I certainly don’t like people telling me what to do. I also believe that you should be free to make up your own mind about what to do with your body. Guys like McBride and Gillman have no business telling us what is or is not morally acceptable. As long as you are not endangering the public with your drug use (Yes, Virginia. The vast majority of impaired drivers are drunk.) I encourage you to use drugs or not to as you see fit. Freedom is dangerous stuff. However, I think you should have at least as much as Commissioners McBride and Gilman.

But That’s Just Me.

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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    Sam Toll, 12/09/18
    Thanks for the erudite update.
    As a semi-non sequitor, I remind you that your “pal” Gilman (with help from his cronies.. AND $$MILLIONS OF OUR TAX DOLLARS) is the person who us our new governor elected. This is a fact that is irrefutable by the few who know what really takes place among the preverts who sign the checks, pull the strings, and steal the NEVADA votes.
    That was just an aside from your Moochamakan report.
    For those who don’t know it; Sam DNA Dehne was the Driving Force who got Marijuana to northern Nevada about a year faster than it would have arrived. Why did he do it? Sam DNA’s modus operandi is to challenge pretty much everything the “theys” want.
    In the Pot case, the northern Nevada “theys” refused to take action to allow licenses for this legal substance… week after week.
    Finally Sam DNA went to the podiums and vehemently demanded bureaucrats obey his Directive
    and follow the Law.
    The very next week the lid was off the Marijuana suppression.
    Sam DNA Dehne has created an huge Diary that poignantly portrays his ubiquitous
    Biblical deeds.
    Excerpt – Marijuana. Here you go. PROOF! In case somebody challenges you
    that Sam DNA does what he says he does.. and did.
    (Sam DNA even created and Trademarked his earth-shaking pot adventures.)
    And many a couple is thankful to/for Sam DNA.
    Sam DNA Dehne does not particularly partake in this perfectly legal “drug”.
    Although he experiment once.

  2. The first two times legalization of Marijuana was on the ballot Storey County was the only county in the state to vote for legalization. The third time it was on the ballot it finally passed statewide, including in Storey County. The Commissioners seem to be out of touch with the voters.

    By the way, if you really want to go back 50 years, try Eureka County.

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