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Storey County 2018 Political Races Finalized

Storey County 2018 Political Races Finalized

Storey County 2018 Political Races Finalized By Storey County Clerk-Recorder

Vanessa Stephens was the Lone Ranger in Storey County today as her office was the only Storey County Office open in the aftermath of the snow storm last night.

Her office released the following list of candidates running for local offices today at 5:00.

Interesting are the number of races where candidates running un-opposed (6 races).

Three candidates running for County Commissioner and Sheriff, Two candidates are running in the District Attorney and School Board Seat 2-A races

I find it most interesting that there are three General Improvement District seats that are going unclaimed. Most interesting is the TRIC – GID where in order to run you need to live in the district and technically there is no residential housing in the district.  Will these boards legally be able to operate without a full board?

Who knows? We will sniff around to see what the details are and report back to you.

Now that the candidates have announced and the ballot is set, the fun begins.

You can rely on The Teller to stay on top of these races and will interview and report to you about where the candidates stand on the issues.

Stay Tuned.

Partisan Offices:

Commissioner District 2

  • Barde, Nicole NP

  • Carmona, Jay REP

  • McGuffey, Jack* REP


  • Seddon, Jana* REP


  • Stephens, Vanessa* REP

District Attorney

  • Langer, Anne* REP

  • Neidert, Dave REP


  • Chapman, Jen* REP

Non-Partisan Offices:


  • Antinoro, Gerald*

  • Clark, Bruce

  • Cullen, Mike

School Board of Trustees Seat 1-C (Non V.C. resident) 2 year term

  • Thompson, Tom

School Board of Trustees Seat 2-A, (V.C./Gold Hill)

  • Nevin, Jeffrey M. *

  • Toll, Sam C.

School Board of Trustees Seat 2-B, (Non V.C./Gold Hill)

  • Miller, Dawn*

Canyon GID, Seat 1-A

Canyon GID, Seat 2-C

Canyon GID, Seat 3-A

  • Minkler, Tom

Tahoe Reno Industrial GID, Seat 1-A

  • Armas, Luz Adriana*

Tahoe Reno Industrial GID, Seat 1-B



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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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