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Letter to the Editor – Antinoro bungled the Black investigation.

This letter was submitted anonymously. The Storey Teller allows the submission of anonymous letters because of the dynamics of Storey County; fear of repercussion. We want people to feel free to speak their minds
I have read your articles about the Black hearing as well as others that described it. One thing that struck me is an assertion in your earlier article that there is no evidence of Antinoro “bungling” any aspect of the investigation. After your in-depth reporting on testimony from two experts (out of many that have confirmed their findings), I hope you are revising that opinion.
Clearly Antinoro is not a forensic expert, yet he still (!) disagrees with numerous experts whose opinions are supported by crime scene and autopsy evidence. His main concerns about signing the death certificate as a homicide seemed to vacillate between not wanting to get into an argument with the DA and making sure there is opportunity for Black to be exonerated-apparently he has no concern whatsoever for the victim, Judy Black.
Although he could have ordered an autopsy with homicide protocols at no extra expense, he did not. According to investigators’ reports of the initial investigation, he discouraged lines of inquiry about the death being non-accidental and effectively shut down investigation of a homicide. He ignored calls from friends, neighbors, and a Black employee that Black might have motive to kill Judy and never followed up on those concerns. He asserted in the hearing that he had no responsibility to preserve evidence from the scene or after the autopsy. He “questioned” Black more than three months after the death with no recorder and without the lead investigator.
Antinoro called in his own forensics expert, then discounted that expert’s findings and attempted to hide that request and those findings from the DA. There truly does not seem to be a link between Black and Antinoro, and I cannot conceive that there was nefarious intent on Antinoro’s part for any of this. That just leaves unbelievable incompetence, colossal ineptitude, and extreme arrogance as explanations for his unfathomable actions, statements, and errors.
That is exactly what “bungling” an investigation looks like. It is disgusting to see the lead law enforcement official in the county embarrass himself, the Sheriff’s Department, and the county to this extent.
I understand you are a vociferous Antinoro supporter, but if you want to be taken seriously you must show some degree of objectivity.
J. Q. Public
Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Please let me know about any news on the Judy Black murder or the trial of Bret Black

    • Mary, As far as I know, the next activity in the Black Trial will occur in March. We will be reporting on the events as they happen.

      Thank you for reading The Teller and tell a friend.

  2. Is the trial still scheduled for October 2018?

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