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Hook, Line and Sinker.

Spokesman for Gilman casts bait, Editor swallows hook, line and sinker

This tit for tat went down on the highlands chat group between yours truly and Commissioner Lance Gilman’s spokesman, Kris Thompson. I’m sharing it here for those who don’t frequent that ecosphere. Since it was a blow by blow response to his email, I am changing the color Kris’s defense of Commissioner Gilman and my reply to each point.

Bait Sniffed. Hook Set.

On Apr 30, 2017, at 11:45 AM, Kris Thompson via Groups.Io wrote:

Well the readers now have seen that despite our best efforts it looks like Antinoro’s spokesperson just can’t let it go, that we just can’t have peace no matter what we do. This post is an example of a sore winner, someone who has to be spiteful no matter what.

How did Jerry become part of this? Since you drug his name into this mosh pit, Jerry is a big boy and doesn’t need to hide behind Breck’ apron strings or anyone else.

Lance, on the other hand, sends his annoying yapdog out to piddle all over the public square.

Sore winner? Try sore posterior. The soreness comes from burning $7611.50 of taxpayers cash so two fat cats can attend the victory lap in D.C.

If you want peace, resign from public office and stay home at the Brothel.

County revenues are down and payroll is shooting though the roof. Paying two fat cats to ooze around D.C. is not responsible governance.

If Greg and Lance want to go, by all means, go. If Pat Whitten wants to pay their freight, he can pony up out of his personal war chest not ours.

Otherwise they can peel off a few benjies from their personal roll and have a blast.

I urge her and the other Antinoro team members for the second time to please just let the dust settle from the election. Let’s move forward and try to do something together as opposed to continuing to throw spitwads from the cheap seats. If they are bound and determined to continue open warfare then we can certainly oblige but we hope this isn’t necessary. Both sides have made their point with the public during the election, there was a result that we respect, and now let’s please look forward not backwards.

Open warfare? Again, if you and Lance want peace, remove yourselves from public office and stick to TRIC and the Brothel.

If you want to cook in the County kitchen, expect some the heat when you pour boiling water all over everyone.

As far as open warfare is concerned what are you going to do, start typing in all caps? Yikes! Send the Sheriff over to my house at 2:00 am to do a no knock like the good old days? You wish. Call my mom? Please Do. I learned to write like this from her.

You and your boss have provoked the good citizens of this community with your vile scree over these past four months. And you just discovered the marshmallows you used to steamroll and bamboozle have been replaced by folks who are not having it anymore. You paid over $160K for this. You will get your money’s worth. With compound interest.

Looking forward, we expect Commissioner Gilman to perform with the best interests of all Storey County and not those of his band of merry TRICsters.

He can start performing by coming thru on promised property tax rollbacks and the fabled TRIC gusher we have been hearing about for years and years and years.

The trip to Washington by Lance was on behalf of the County. There was hardcore lobbying regarding the zip code bill in congress and meetings with Senator Heller and congressional staff regarding the same. It’s good for the county to show the flag on this key issue where the county has so much to gain. This is an issue with hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps more, are at issue. The cost of the trip to the county is minimal compared to the potential gain. The squeeky wheel gets the attention in DC.

The weak sauce dripping from this paragraph insults the collective intelligence of everyone in the county. It was hardcore partying happening that week, not lobbying. According to Greg at the podium, He and Lance stood next to the personal secretary of the Cajun John Wayne, a freshman who has as much clout as a flea as he was sworn in about ten minutes before Trump. But they didn’t stand next to the actual Cajun.

Lance and Greg picked the wrong week to visit D.C. to get anything of substance done other than lubricating squeeky wheels with 100 proof, steak and lobster.

Some of us readers were born at night, but none of us were born last night.

Besides that Lance paid OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET for entry fees to the events, for the inauguration ball, then republican ball, the republican breakfast meeting, the Nevada caucus meeting, and most of his own meals, and his ground transportation. Out of his pocket. And he never asked for reimbursement on this.

Um, Duh.

Lance should have done what any responsible quadrillionaire public office holder who has the best interests of a community facing a revenue shortfall and deficits at heart; pay his own way to the dance.

And Lance didn’t publicize that he spent a lot of his own money on this trip. Yet this kind of uninformed dishonest viciousness is what lance gets in return.

Uninformed Dishonest viciousness? Part of my public records request was for the log of meetings, participants and conversation topics discussed. Management 101 and an lead pipe cinch for my employees when they went into the field. Pat Whitten told me he doesn’t require one. Go figure.

Fun fact about reporting facts; the facts don’t lie. They might sting but they aren’t dishonest.

Please Krislance, inform us. Provide the taxpayers of Storey County a detailed calendar of this trip showing the people they met with, the times of those meetings and the specific conversations relating to the bill that took place. Show us the results made from those conversations. Show us the telephone logs of the follow up phone calls Lance personally made to the Ragin’ Cajun or anyone else and the nature and results of those conversations.

I’ll eat my keyboard on the corner of C and Taylor and give you a week to draw a crowd if you can pony up anything that could be mistaken for actual proof of progress on the zip code bill directly attributed to the “hardcore lobbying” of January 17th – 22nd.

I’m not sure anyone would want to work in a County job when you have these kind of jackals always trying to nip at your heels.

It comes with the territory of elected public office. It’s called accountability. Look it up.

Moving forward, know this. The people of Storey County are more ferocious than Jackals. We aim a little higher than your heels. And we don’t nip.

Do your job and we’ll happily keep an eye on you from the porch.

Thanks to the readers for considering my post.


Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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