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Hook, Line and Sinker.

Mr. Thompson defends the indefensible. Hook Line & Sinker time again

So rather than subject the readers of the Highlands Chat Group to an endless loop of blather, I figured I’d bring it here where fewer people will be offended. Kris Thompson, the yapdog for Commissioner Gilman wrapped us in Tin Foil and used lots of Trumpimisms like huge, massive, very huge, very focused key players and hurled some mud mixed with other organic matter.
This will respond to Breck, Mr. Toll, and Ms. Dean, aka the “Tin Foil Hat Club.”  According to them, there was no lobbying on the Washington trip, and Lance and Bum did nothing while there.   That’s their claim.
Tossing insults. You already lost this intelligent discourse scrimmage.
However, as I said the last time you pulled this card, it’s aluminum foil. This term was coined about the same time as the CIA invented conspiracy theory in an attempt to discredit people who were on to them.
What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?
First, readers should consider what kind of indicator it is that not one of this group complimented Lance on landing one of the biggest companies in the world, Google, to come to into this County and invest hundreds of millions of dollars, perhaps billions, in capital investment, and create thousands of jobs.   This was all over the world financial media and hailed as a major coup for Nevada and this region.  But they just couldn’t find it within themselves to give Lance even just a small compliment for this huge massive achievement.  Obviously, they have an agenda here to do whatever it takes to smear and tear down people running the County Government.  They are nothing more than political terrorists.  They destroy reputations and good government leaders just for the sake of inflicting destruction.
Congrats, Lance. 6% real estate commission on 29.1 million is $ 1,746,000. Storey County was supposed to get 1% commission ($291,000), but according to the Storey County website, we got 32,000. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot does this have to do with the fact that the chumps paid the freight for Lance to answer Heller’s invitation?
And as far as your terrorist threat, now I am in the same company as my personal hero Thomas Jefferson. We both stand against tyranny and corruption. I’ll take that as a complement from the drunk disbarred tax dodger. After a strong coating of antibacterial and antifungal cream. You’ll never know what you might catch swimming in his pool.
 This crew has not done anything of significance to help build in this county.  As far as I know, they haven’t brought in any permanent jobs or businesses, and they don’t do much in terms of real financial support for the needy.   Perhaps they can tell us about all the jobs they have created, businesses they have brought in, or financial help they’ve given to people in this County in need.  But they don’t care about that – it’s not their focus.  They get enjoyment out of trafficking in smears about those who are working hard to help this County.   Mind you they won’t jump in and help, but they love lobbing insults from the cheap seats against those in the arena wrestling every day to make improvements in our lives.
Perhaps other parts of your anatomy are as short as your memory, so let me help you remember to stay on point. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum went to Washington to watch the The Donald put his hand on the bible. All the while the nonstop party happening in every corner of the District. Even Hugh Gallagher had the integrity to label the expense report “Trump Inauguration” and not “Hardcore Lobbying”
 But let’s get to the essence of this issue – the trip to Washington DC by Bum Hess and Lance Gilman.  First, Bum is the lobbyist for Storey County.  We, the taxpayers, pay him to lobby for us both at the federal and state level on legislation.  It’s his job.  Lance is a County Commissioner and is a main player the Economic Development component of the County Government.   He was there to represent the County as a senior County leader.  He was given a personal invitation by Senator Heller to attend the inauguration. 
Then why for the love of mike did we pay for him to accept this invitation?
 Not only did Lance and Bum attend a huge number of meetings, conferences, and functions related to the inauguration while they were there, but they had very effective focused meetings with key players.  Lance is also on one of President Trump advisory Committees. 
Um, Wow. What committee is that? How to manage and run an efficient Brothel? What were the key players playing with during these meetings?
More specifically, first they had a lengthy private lunch with retired Congressman John Porter, who is the Storey lobbyist in Washington.  Mr. Porter’s main staff personnel attended also to listen in.  In this meeting, Lance and Bum covered all the major issues where we want action in Congress, including the zip code issue. 
Like this topic hasn’t been discussed for the last ten years? Did Lance and Greg cover any new ground that hasn’t been covered in the last decade?
Lance and Bum also had a private meeting with the senior Nevada senator, Senator Dean Heller and his staff in his office.  Senator Heller extended the office meeting and took them to a working lunch in the Senate cafeteria. Again, they talked through all the legislative issues, including the zip code issue.
Oooooh! Lunch at the Senate Cafeteria! Why not wait for Heller to come to his home state (like all Senators do regularly) and connect with him in Reno. You know like in his office at 400 Virginia Street. Then Lance can take his company Yukon and use the county credit card for the tank of gas and spring for lunch in a local restaurant. Everyone wins.
Lance covered about half of his trip expenses out of his own pocket.  I would bet Lance spent more out of pocket on this one trip than the tin foil hat club has spent on behalf of Storey County projects over the last decade.
Name Calling. Lose a turn. Why didn’t he  expense the entire trip if it was legitimate? Because is wasn’t.
And a word about the staffer Ms. Dean called.  This lady, who is a very experienced Congressional staffer, and her congressman could have been of great help.  Then you have Ms. Dean calling her out of the blue in an accusatory manner interrogating her about Bum and Lance and how do you think that goes over?  If you were that staffer, would you wonder what the heck is going on in Storey County?  Do you think Ms. Dean’s interrogation helps getting the zip code bill passed, or getting help in Congress?   
It was probably as effective as the Lance and Greg show standing next to the “(two weeks on the job) experienced Congressional Staffer” And yes, just like the rest of the world, she is bewildered by the strange goings on in Storey County. At least now she knows the Muckers are a thing.
Here’s the part that should be appalling to the readers in light of the accusations being smeared across this blog.  Did this crew ever have the basic decency to pick up the phone and call Lance or Bum to get the facts about the trip before they launched their smear campaign?  Did they have the courtesy to email Lance or Bum to get an explanation?  Did they ever show up at a commission meeting to ask for more information?  No, of course they didn’t. They don’t want the truth and they could care less about the truth.
We see in others that which we know best about ourselves.
This crew should consider redirecting their efforts away from ripping anyone and everyone in the County government and instead try helping this county.  Do something positive for once.  Pitch in and help the rest of us trying to move the County forward.  Come to a commission meeting and offer your help on a project.
 We are doing something to move the county forward. We are demanding accountability for corrupt officials squandering taxpayer money. And insisting Commissioner Gilman Resign and stick to the girls working at the Brothel and his band of merry TRICsters.
Thanks for the readers for considering this post.
So long and thanks for all the fish.
Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Hey Kris, pay your taxes that are due in California. That would do a lot for your credibility. Lance and Greg are leaches on Storey County. They do nothing. All of the tax dollars generated at TRIC are being realized by Washoe county’s and we got the traffic. I believe that is called the ##it end of the stick. Kris, do us all a favor and GO AWAY and take Lance with you. You can also drag all of “Lances Losers” along.

  2. Kris is suggesting that each resident pick up the phone and call Lance or Bum. Or send an email. Let me stop laughing and explain why I think this would be a catastrophe. How could Lance or Bum possibly do anything else if their phones rang constantly with perhaps hundreds of voters calling weekly to find out what is going on. Their fingers would quickly tire, personally answering one email after another. That is IF they made responding to the residents of Storey their first priority, which I feel is unlikely.

    This would be a terrible use of time, not good management at all. That is why there are Commission meetings, for example. Hess was able to make his four minute statement once, not over and over and over and over for perhaps hundreds of times. Gilman can make one report, not hundreds of individual ones. This is efficient and good time management.

    It is my opinion that Kris will say almost anything he can to divert attention from actual questions and issues in an attempt to distract. He is quite creative; perhaps he should consider some fiction writing as a sideline.

  3. In reading the pontificating of Mr. Gilman’s mouthpiece, I’m reminded of a business associate from long ago, a wealthy man who also made a lot of money in real estate. Yes, he did give assistance to those in the communities where his businesses were located, but rather than just “giving a man a fish,” he made the decision to give the first places in line for jobs at his businesses to the people of his community. If there was a certain area of expertise that was in demand, but a lack of applicants in his community, he offered free training, and gave scholarships. He also offered childcare so that women, or single parents could get back in the workforce. Then, he made sure the schools in his community were equipped with the best educational tools. Local schoolchildren took field trips to his enterprises so they could form goals of possibly working in one of his businesses. He spoke in classrooms about the values of goal setting, and using your school years productively. He made sure that sports, music, art, science, and dramatic activities were well-funded so that children wouldn’t be drawn to drugs. He expected nothing in return because he felt that even though he’d worked hard to be so successful, he knew that it also took luck, and help from others to get where he was. He knew that no man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.

    As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.

    TJ Snodgrass

    • What was that great man’s name? He needs to be remembered by more than just you! Thank you for this comment about a commendable citizen and fellow man.

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