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Storey County's Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla

Storey County’s Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla

Storey County’s Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla

As we reported earlier, Storey County’s budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 was approved by County Commissioners McBride, Gilman, and McGuffey at a 1.7 million dollar deficit. It appears as if three years into Nevada Governor Sandoval and TRIC Executive Lance Gilman’s “Deal of the Century”,  the luster is wearing thin. This could have had contributed to Jack McGuffey being voted out of a job on June 12th.

Your Tax Dollars at work in Storey County
Make It Glow

In spite of the amazing amount of money that Commissioner Gilman made when the Tesla executives bamboozled Governor Sandoval and the Nevada Legislature in 2015 with the passing of SB1, Storey County hasn’t fared as well. As we reported, Storey County revenues are lower today than they were in Fiscal Year 14-15 before Tesla’s circus act came to town. In our article, we document how Tesla is in a tremendous cash burn and is losing roughly $25,000 per car. Now that they are making 5000 Model 3s a week, that flames from that cash burn at TRIC can be seen all the way up here in Virginia City.

County Manager Pat Whitten tried all month to get a meeting set up with Tesla to renegotiate the Service Agreement that Tesla made with the county so we could afford the special fire truck and all the inspectors and County employees it takes to support the “Alien Dreadnaught”. But the Tesla employee Whitten was dealing with was one of the casualties of the 9% decimation that hit Tesla employees last month.

This Puts The County In A $1.7 Million Dollar Pinch. Thank You Musk and Gilman.

When we reported that the Storey County Budget would be $1.7 million in the red, County Commissioner Marshal McBride took to the local fish wrapper and called me a liar (for telling the truth, go figure). Now that the Tesla Services Agreement has expired, my sources tell me that the county will be forced to send an invoice to Tesla and hope they pay it in a timely fashion. Based on the tons and tons of information out there regarding the cash flow of the company, I’m guessing the invoice will get put behind the gazillions of other invoices from car part suppliers and payroll checks that need to cash this week.

Keep in mind, the Tesla Services agreement that just expired was for only $1.2 million dollars. Even if Tesla stepped up and renewed the agreement at the last minute, our budget would still be roughly half a million upside down.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

So what happens next? Comptroller Gallagher said in the County Commissioner meeting last month without the money coming in from Tesla, “hard decisions will need to be made”. As in cuts in spending or county heads on the chopping block. In spite of this, Storey County continues to create position after position after position after position after position. These recent help wanted ads will add an estimated $325,000 to the already upside down budget.

The (cash) burning question must be asked? Will make up this difference? There can be only two ways; fire employees or raise taxes.

Which one do you see happening first?

Stay Tuned.

And Now a Word From Us.

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Robert Maccario

    Would the deficit not have been so bad had the $400,000 plus severance bonus our Commissioners and County Manager handed out to their retiring buddies off set some of this?

    This is a question- not a statement.

    • Robert, Thank you for your comment. The bonuses and pay raises you refer to were out of last year’s budget. The clock starts all over again this year and we are already behind the 8-Ball. Remember, county revenues are below 2104 levels before Tesla and Elon “The Magnificent” came onto the scene…

    I owe Storey, Reno, and Nevada an apology.
    I was a Driving Force (see below) that brought
    the “beloved” Tesla to Northern Nevada.
    I was not given the honest facts when EDAWN/
    COL KAZ recruited me to “steal” Tesla from
    Texas and California on August 19, 2014.
    I never dreamed the Nevada big boyz would get away with
    handing over dozens of $$$millions of our taxes to Storey’s
    TRIC-Turning brothel owning double-dealers.
    I have been doing my damdest to try to correct
    the error of my ways. Publicly and with vehemence
    against the biggest pork barrel project in Nevada
    Just watch me. Here: http://www.renocitizen.com/tesla.htm
    And here: http://www.renocitizen.com/samvictories.htm
    And here: http://www.renocitizen.com/moviesall.htm
    Ad infinitum
    Sam DNA Dehne
    Keep up the great work as one of Storey Counties
    best Reporters. And say Hi to my new friend, Judge Wilson.

  3. John Mickelson


    Thank you for bringing me up to speed on whats going on in Storey County.

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