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Blockchains Announces Smart City at TRIC

Blockchains Announces Smart City

Blockchains CEO Jeffrey Burns announced plans for a 10,000 home “Smart City” at TRIC yesterday. Burns, speaking at a technology conference in Prague, told the excited crowd that he was creating the first connected Smart City built on the backbone of Blockchain technology. When the teller first got wind of …

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Storey County’s Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla

Storey County's Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla

Storey County’s Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla As we reported earlier, Storey County’s budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 was approved by County Commissioners McBride, Gilman, and McGuffey at a 1.7 million dollar deficit. It appears as if three years into Nevada Governor Sandoval and TRIC Executive Lance Gilman’s “Deal of …

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Lockwood Candidate Forum on May 29th

Lockwood Forum

Lockwood Candidate Forum on May 29th On May 29th, the second Storey County Candidate forum was held at the Rainbow Bend Community Clubhouse. The Lockwood Candidate Forum was put on by former newspaperwoman Karen Woodmansee and moderated by Loren Pursel and there were close to 100 people in attendance Candidates …

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Commissioner McBride: Back It Up or Back It Off

Back it up or back it off

Back It Up or Back It Off As many of you know, I write hard-hitting articles that are critical of issues and actions here in Storey County that I believe merit such attention. Based on recent actions from Team Storey, some of these articles are hitting close to the mark. …

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Storey County FY18-19 Budget Nearing Completion

Storey County FY18-19 Budget

Storey County FY18-19 Budget It’s Budget Season and we have been focusing on how Storey County spends your tax dollars. We wrote about the tentative budget earlier here. We wrote about the record 1.6 billion in taxable sales from 2017 here. And finally, we wrote about the current taxable sales …

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Barde Announces Candidacy for Storey County Commissioner

Storey County Commission Meeting, May 15th

Barde Announces Candidacy for Storey County Commissioner Nicole Barde announced on bardeblog.com she is running for County Commissioner in District 2. With her announcement, there are now three candidates vying for the seat. Barde, who ran in 2014 as a Democrat will be running as a Non-Partisan in 2018. Since …

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Jay Carmona Announces Candidacy

I noticed this morning on my Facebook feed that Virginia City Highlands resident Jay Carmona has declared he will challenge incumbent Commissioner Jack McGuffey in the primary election held on June 4th, 2018. A lifelong Republican, Mr. Carmona feels he can represent Storey County as County Commissioner. I reached out …

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V&T Depot – The Spectre of Eminent Domain

Yesterday I engaged in a cheeky little tit for tat on Facebook with Comstock Chronicler Karen “Storey County Cheer Squad Princess” Woodmanse. She was curious about why I attacked the poor innocent little ol’ Mustang Ranch owner and his bunkmate for code violations (which you can read about here) yet …

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