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TRIC Executive Shoves Foot In Mouth – Part Three

TRIC Executive Kris Thompson contradicts reality and his boss with his latest response to Nicole Barde’s recant of the November 7th Storey County Commissioners meeting on the (irrelevant according to McGuffey) Virginia City Highlands email chat group. Specifically, he champions the Effluent Pipeline deal currently unwinding on “life support”.

You can read Ms. Barde’s post here.

You can read the entire reply from Mr Thompson here.

You can go here for a background on the TRIC Effluent pipeline here.

This is the meat of Thompson’s potatoes:

There was no “preliminary muster with the state.” The bond terms are in negotiation. This bond HAS NOT BEEN HEARD NOR RULED UPON by the State Board with authority. Period. I stated this in my comments at the Commission meeting which Ms. conveniently ignores. The bond is in negotiation with a bunch of offices and parties. This is a totally normal procedure that happens with every bond. Simply put, there is negotiating ongoing regarding the boundaries of the increment district, to make it acceptable to Wallstreet, the State of Nevada, Storey County, and TRI and its GID and the lawyers for all parties. If this seems complicated, it is – but it will be well worth the effort. What comes out of these types of negotiations is a wellcrafted, secure bond structure – this is why bonds are generally thought of as being a very secure investment vehicle because they heavily vetted. No one has made any ruling that there would be “insufficient revenues” coming of the increment district.

And yet, his roommate and boss County Commissioner Lance Gilman can clearly be heard saying the bond is dead because Storey County can’t qualify to borrow the money. Listen here (:50) :

(Question for Lance: if we didn’t have to pay anything back, what were we qualifying for?)

At the November 7th Commissioner Meeting, County Manager Pat Whitten characterized the bond deal as being on “life support” when asked about the pipeline deal by Nicole Barde of bardeblog.com. Listen here (:33) :


Later on in the conversation he quotes TRIC Attorney Bob Sader as describing the bond as being on life support. Listen here (:10) :


If you listen to these three clips, you will conclude that the bond proposal in the iteration that was presented at previous Commissioner meetings is dead. Perhaps Mr Thompson should stay awake during the company meetings where Lance and Bob talk about the important stuff. Perhaps he isn’t invited. Either way he seems to be on a different page from the rest of the team….

To hear the whole public comment enchilada, context included, from Ms Barde and Mr Whitten listen here: (8:34)

As is the case with most things zombie apocalypse, no matter how hard we try we just can’t seem to kill the damn pipeline.

Here is Gilman bunkmate Kris Thompson giving public comment at the November 7th Commissioner meeting and telling it like it is so I can’t bandy about some of that fake news stuff…  Listen here (4:32):


The pipeline bond deal that Jeremy Aguero and his fancy charts tried to sell us on, is seen as the same thing I saw it as (pure fantasy) by people who are in the business of knowing these things; Wall Street Bankers and the money lending sharks.

Ding Dong, The Ditch is Dead.

At least this ditch-witch.

The Teller will keep an eye out from her extra-wicked sister who is being summoned from the depths.

Stay Tuned.

Postscript/Full Disclosure: I am 100% Pro-Business and love the Free Market. However, I am 100% anti-crony capitalism. Using Taxpayer money to purchase a pipeline so Lance the Magnificent and his band of Merry TRICsters can make more money is not cool with me. Or most of the other folks with a pulse and a wallet here in the Richest Place on Earth. Using his position and influence as County Commissioner to shove this up our wallets reveals the fact that Mr Magnificent places his own personal and financial interests above ours. Not cool.

Here is what I think about the pipeline deal (if you, gentle reader, give a hoot…) (1:27)

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