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Tark and Schwartz

Danny Tarkanian and Dan Schwartz visit Storey County

On Saturday October 14th, Candidates met on the Comstock to mingle with the unwashed masses. Thirty or so people gathered with elected Storey County officials to share the hospitality of Breck Greninger and share their ideas for how to take Nevada into the next decade. Sheriff Gerald Antinoro led the event by sharing some words with the crowd and introducing Dan Schwartz and Danny Tarkanian. 

Danny Tarkainian addresses the Highlands.
Danny Tarkainian addresses the Highlands about the changes he would make for Nevada.

Danny Tarkanian described the differences between his vision of Nevada’s future compared with the record of Dean Heller. He described how he favors the idea of America First that helped get President Trump elected. He talked about the need to retool the Affordable Health Care Act and described his personal account of watching his premiums and deductible jump from $480 a before the “Affordable” Health Care Act was enacted to paying $1400 a month now. “When you pay more for your health care coverage than you do for your house, something is wrong. We need to take the gravy train away from the insurance companies and fix this problem for Nevada’s hard working  Middle Class.”

Dan Schwartz talks about ESA's and the Commerce Tax.
Dan Schwartz talks about ESA’s and the Commerce Tax.

Dan Schwartz explained how Nevadans should be upset with Governor Sandoval’s tax increases on hardworking Nevadans and tax giveaways to Companies like Faraday Futures and Tesla. He opposes the Gross Margin Tax which Nevadans voted down 4-1 and that Governor Sandoval ramrodded through the Nevada Legislature thus ignoring the will of the people. The Gross Margin Tax creates a complicated 26 tier system of taxing a business on the total amount of sales and not taking into account the profitability of the company. Large companies enjoy the 26 tiers that ensure plenty of wiggle room to finagle and loopholes to game the system while the little guys and gals get punked.

Schwartz also said he wouldn’t sign any laws on his desk ahead of a law that paved the way for Education Savings Accounts or ESA’s. The Nevada Legislature came close to making ESA’s a thing at the close of the last session but failed to enact them. ESA’s or School Vouchers are a tool that would allow Nevada Families to send kids to Charter Schools or Home School their children. Naturally, the Teachers Unions and the Nevada School System Administrators vehemently oppose the ESA’s . These two forces have a common interest in extracting more money for themselves while continuing to deliver the lowest test scores in the nation.

Elected officials including Sheriff Antinoro, County Commissioners McBride and Gilman (McGuffey was there for a few moments but left before all three Commissioners were in the same room at the same time) and Justice of the Peace Herrington and Storey County Republican Party Chair Jim Hindle all attended.

Toll Interviews Tark.

The Teller, seen above interviewing Tarkanian, interviewed both candidates. Click on each hopeful’s name to listen to the conversation:

The Interview with Danny Tarkanian

The Interview with Dan Schwartz

This event was a preview of what will certainly be a more lively event in the spring.

Stay Tuned!

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