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Lockwood: Red Headed Stepchild of Storey County…

According to his personal public relations spokesman Kris Thompson, Commissioner Gilman donates food every other week to the seniors in Lockwood. He continues an annual tradition established by his predecessor Joe Conforte donating turkeys every year at Thanksgiving.

Other than the annual Turkeys, residents of Lockwood have little to be thankful for when it comes to portions of the pumpkin pie ala mode slathered around the feeding trough at the County Courthouse. I wonder how many of them realize the freshly minted Courthouse Parking Lot opened this week costing the taxpayers a whopping Million Dollars*?

Tonight I was tooling through my Facebook feed and these two posts caught my eye. Both are cries for help from the red headed step-children of Lockwood.

I wouldn’t want my kids anywhere near this…

Complaints about brown water are a weekly thing in Lockwood. I remember attending a Commissioner meeting (ironically the one where the Commissioners approved $439,196.00) where Larry Huddleston made an empassioned plea for action on the subject of brown water. A couple of snippy comments from the GID board members and a subsequent water test conducted by the county and the matter was officially put to bed. Yet reports of yucky water persist. Two weeks ago the school reported brown water. And now this.

Lockwood, it sucks to be you.

Then there ware these Facebook posts:

Don’t get too close to the edge, kiddies…


Andrew Poh invited me to attended the Lockwood community cleanup last weekend.  I tooled through town looking around to see where this humble little berg might spend the $30,000 the recent Recall Election cost us (this was two days before I broke my leg tripping over the Million Dollar Courthouse Parking Lot Boondoggle).

I noticed two monster culverts downstream as I drove home over the bridge near the fire station. The culverts looked out of place so I stopped by them as I made my way to the highway. This is what I saw (it used to be a bridge to the houses on the other side…):





Like I said Lockwood, it sucks to be you…

*On Tuesday the new Courthouse Parking Lot opened up. My head exploded as I discovered how much taxpayer money was spent. I have documented over $ 900,000 and am waiting for the final report from Hugh Gallagher. Stay Tuned and your head will explode too.

To see what a million dollars buys in parking lots today, check this bad boy out…

Eat your heart out Lockwood!


Editors Note… Lockwood and the River District is a beautiful little community with some really great people who call it home. It should be the Apple of Storey County’s Eye. Lockwood residents deserve better than this.

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  1. Brown water,rotten eggs smell! That’s why living in Lockwood/E.Sparks we had bottle water deliver.

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