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Muth’s Truths and the Department of Good News

Conservative Blogger and newsletter generator Chuck Muth of Las Vegas postscripted this nugget at the bottom of his effort this week. Lance Gilman considers himself a big wheel and seeks praise at every turn. This is the kind of attention he is getting after polarizing our community and subjecting us to 4 additional months of election agony two days after the Clinton-Trump fiasco ended.

Mad Props, Commish.

From Muth’s Truths:

* Department of Good News: Sorry I missed this last week (so many stories; so little time), but Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman’s effort buy a recall of Sheriff Gerald Antinoro – contributing a staggering $142,000 to the effort – and then handpick his replacement…failed.

Gilman is the wealthy landlord for the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, home of new taxpayer-subsidized Tesla battery factory. Nevertheless, Sheriff Antinoro reportedly has – get this – treated His Highness and his business interests the same under the law as any other citizen.

That’s irked Gilman, who appears to believe that all citizens are created equal – but he should be treated more equal than others. Chalk one up for the good guys.

The debacle we emerged from a week ago today is not the kind of thing our county should be making the news with. Sadly, the most equal member of Storey County (if you believe he actually lives at 5 Wild Horse Canyon) cares more about himself than the county he represents.

Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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