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Stand Against Corruption Part 7 – Highland Resident Has Enough

Let assume that what the Recall Committee has written is factual- a great leap on everyone’s part.

Life is simple – people shouldn’t lie! Especially when they are responsible for other peoples’ money- like a Commissioner.

For example in the RGJ dated March 22. Lance is quoted as saying Gilman said his businesses were not involved in any of the allegations made against the sheriff. But he confirmed he signed the petition to remove Antinoro from office.

Yet- in the financial disclosure to the Secretary Of State on March 28 

TRI – $127,557.01, Lance Gilman – $6,846.00, Kris Thompson – $7,637.64

And now we see another 10K.

Then, RGJ – April 7 “Gilman has repeatedly stated that he was not involved in the recall effort. But he did spend a total $6,840 on mailers and signs, according to the contributions report filed in late MarchAs recently as two weeks ago, Gilman told the RGJ his only involvement in the recall was to sign the petition requesting it.” 

These statements in the RGJ by Lance Gilman the commissioner are not grey- they are black and white lies. They are Inexcusable.

The Recall Committee’s (Lance Gilman) continued name calling and grossly inaccurate posts…. Inexcusable.

Just as Bill Sjovangen’s using profanity in front of someone’s granddaughter at the Republican Committee meeting when things didn’t go his way…. Inexcusable. (Did I miss his apology?) 

If this is what the leadership of the Recall does and represents- it should pretty much tell everyone the lack of validity of this special election.

Reasonable people can let slide an occasional honest mistake with information and even an occasional “I misspoke”, accompanied with a sincere apology. But the leadership of this recall has traversed far beyond a simple error in judgment or misunderstanding. They are in the “knowingly blatant disrespect for truth and Storey County residents” arena.

This is why we are hearing more and more – it is Lance Gilman, the commissioner who should be recalled.

I would add, as a resident and voter all I want is Truthfulness & Transparency from our elected officials.

Truthfulness- I want to know when I am told something I can count on it being accurate. Keep in mind- omission is a lie. To hear Commissioner Gilman tell residents about all the wonderful benefits we are going to get from the TRI development – but omit “not for 8-10 years” is NOT Truthful. This is what happened at the 10 acre meeting last year. Thank goodness one commissioner got up and gave the actual timing.

Transparency- I have no problem with any business person earning a good living in this county- Heck I’ll help them. But transparency is a must! When bringing business to this county AND expecting county support it – does it pass the “smell” test for both the business and our public officials?  Is in in the best interest of ALL the taxpayer or does it benefit just a few? 

Is crystal clear and transparent to all of us that our public officials made the decision in the taxpayer’s best interest, and they only benefit to the same level any other taxpayer will?

Is that too much to expect?

Robert Maccario Virginia City Highlands resident


Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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