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SCSO Arrest Blotter June 10-23

Storey County Arrest Blotter June 10-23. Driving is the most dangerous thing you do on a daily basis. Please don’t endanger others around you by texting or drinking and driving. Please.

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Gary Hames Files Against Storey County In District Court

Hames Claims Wrongful Termination Lawyers for Former Fire Chief and Community Development Director Gary Hames filed a Petition for Writ of Mandamus with the First District Court against Storey County. The petition, dated July 1, 2019, is in response to his abrupt firing and allegations levied by a whistleblower and …

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UNR Holds Interactive Science Activities for Comstock Kids

UNR and Silver City are hosting a science camp tomorrow from 10:00 to noon. Kids will learn about chemical reactions and the heat they produce in an event sponsored by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. Jim Barcellos of UNR leads his popular interactive science activities where children can don goggles …

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Sunday Word Of The Day – Malversation

I Love Words. I receive compliments (and detriments) on my writing style from the gentle readers of The Teller. People have compared my (at times) irreverent prose to the Territorial Enterprise’s own Mark Twain. While I am grateful for these complements, I am uneasy with the comparison to the creator …

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Two Storey County Businesses Seek Environmental Permits

We talk a lot about the impact of the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. The impact of TRIC is both positive and negative financially. Tesla is paying for extra fire equipment and Sheriff deputies to offset their impact on the budget. The property taxes paid at the park have been steadily growing …

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Gary Hames Overcharged Us All $326,257.70, And Did A Great Job …

Words Mean Stuff Episode 784: Inadvertent vs. Premeditated At the June 18th Storey County Commission meeting, Agenda Item 35 read: Consideration and possible approval of refund of excess funds paid for community development permits in the amount of $71,266.97. In an article outlining documents we received from a county whistleblower, The …

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June 18th Commission Meeting – Barde Blog

Pigs at the trough

The June 18th Storey County Commission Meeting was one for the ages. It contained a microcosm of what Storey County residents have been forced to endure for nearly seven years. Or seven decades. Self-congratulation complete with dislocated shoulders from self-backpatting and sniffly little tears of sadness Deceptive and disingenuous description …

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Vintage Trailers Come to Virginia City

A group of perhaps a dozen Vintage Trailer owners visited Virginia City this weekend. Many of the visitors came from the California valley hauling their Vintage Trailers up Geiger Grade. They stopped at the Virginia City RV Park to hang out and enjoy some High Mountain air here in The …

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June 18th Commissioner Preview – Last Place. Again.

When reporting on the Storey County Commission meetings, we typically report on what happened during the meetings. Up to this point, we haven’t reported on upcoming meeting agendas to discuss items that the commissioners will vote on. On June 12th, 2019, Storey County posted the Agenda of the June 18th …

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