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Residents of Storey County Come First With The Teller…

…But Not With The Storey County Commission

I often write about the topic of Public Comment in the Storey County Commission Meetings. My most recent article (not a blog post) about the matter drew some interesting chatter on the Virginia City Highlands email discussion board (not a blog).

The reason I continue to chew this bone is that at the most basic and fundamental level, forcing the public to wait to the end of the Commission Meeting discourages public participation.

The chatter on the email board was great. Among the highlights were:

  • Just an FYI, there are seat cushions available at the front of the courthouse
  • Public Comment should be at the front of the meeting. The Commissioners and all county employees work for us – the taxpayer – the PUBLIC.
  • Admit it, Sam, you just want an audience. You need to call attention to yourself and if it hurts the county so much the better.
  • Some of us work for a living. Comments before, during or after are irrelevant if we can’t make the meeting because it is held for the county’s convenience, not the taxpayers’.
  • As late as June 2012 Public Comment was at the beginning of the meeting.
  • I used to cringe listening, knowing that their (the public commenters) whole point was to embarrass the county. They made us all look like a bunch of goobers in front of folks we needed to do business with.
  • Keep ranting about dumb stuff and nobody will read. Start talking sense and gain viewers. Get it together, man.
  • Then why have public meetings if they just provide a forum for us wackos? Do all of the county’s business behind closed doors. No members of the public allowed. They just get in the way of doing the County’s business.
  • You want everyone’s attention, but not because you want the commissioners to listen to you. You are seeking a wider audience.
  • I just miss the Squid!!!!
  • How long have you been doing what you do, the same way, over and over, with the same failed results? The definition of insanity, right?
Fun Fact: Continuing to speak up about injustice isn’t insanity any more than sitting at the lunch counter, marching in Selma, and not sitting at the back of the bus was for African Americans when I was a kid.
You Don't Matter
Storey County wants you to read the words left to right.

Small Potatoes?

In the grand scheme of things, this just may be small potatoes. Teeny ones, perhaps.

However, the reason I won’t drop this bone is because of what it screams in the face of every person in Storey County: You don’t matter.

In fact, since I have been attending Commission Meetings since returning to Gold Hill in 2016, there has been a troublesome recurring theme. Special Interests and the business interests of Commissioner Lance Gilman come way before the interests the residents of Storey County.

Commissioner Gilman likes to remind us that it is because Good Old Boys do things differently Storey County that we are (and he is) successful. Sadly, this is not one of the places where we are worse off than every other constituent in Nevada.

In August, 2019, Storey County is the only County In Nevada that does not put public comment at the very beginning of each meeting. Even the Cities of Las Vegas and Reno have the guts to let the dignitaries see the dirty laundry. See the Agendas of all Counties, Reno and Las Vegas below.

Public participation should be encouraged, not discouraged.

In Storey County, our Commissioners don’t just discourage it, they punch it in the face.

¡Hasta la Victoria, Siempre!

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All Nevada County Commission Meeting Agendas for August 2019.

I took the time to check every County Commission Agenda in Nevada as well as the agendas of Reno and Las Vegas. Of all the public meetings in Nevada in the month of August, everyone except Storey County wants their constituents to come first. Screen shots and source pages are provided for your viewing pleasure. These images are screen shots. In some cases, the screen shots were modified for clearer illustration.

All source documents can be viewed by clicking on the link below each image.


Source: Carson City Website


Source: Reno City Council
Source: Clark County Website
Source: Douglas County Website


Source: Elko County Website



Source: Esmeralda County Website


Source: Eureka County Website
Source: Humboldt County Website



Source: Lander County Website
Source: Las Vegas City Council Website
Source: Lincoln County Website
Source: Lyon County Website
Source: Mineral County Website
Source: Nye County Website


Source: Pershing County Website





Source: Washoe County Website


You Don't Matter
Source: White Pine County Website


Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Sam Toll,
    Just about every one of those emails was from the whorehouse boss’s shills.
    Or they are just plain apathetic and ignorant and cowards.

    Sent from the Record Holder for Public Comments –
    (click) http://www.renocitizen.com/dna.htm
    Let any one of those preverts come up to me and tell me I haven’t made a million
    differences in Reno.
    (click) – https://www.youtube.com/user/samsrawrah/videos
    I have exposed bureaucrats and Reno media mouse wacko freak cowards for
    25 Years with 1 of most powerful Weapons I have; besides my giant
    Patriotic humble brain.
    What’s that?
    Sam DNA Dehne

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