Storey County Arrest Blotter December 30 – January 12

Rogues Gallery Below see Storey County’s rogues gallery for the first 12 days of the year. All people shown here are innocent until proven guilty.     Make sure you take care of your warrants. And now a word from our Sponsor: Actually, you are our sponsor. We here at …

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An Update from The Teller

What’s Up With The Teller? Greetings from Gold Hill. The above picture shows my home town as it was in 1914. Nice. I have received over a hundred messages, emails, and inquiries as to why The Teller went silent in October. I would like to share with you what happened …

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County Christmas Party Tonight!

Storey County County (Employee) Christmas Party Tonight Storey County will host it’s second Christmas Party tonight at St. Mary’s Art Center at 6:00 pm. Held at the Bonanza Saloon, the first county party featured a potluck dinner and a no-host bar. As in attendees bought their own booze. Around 80 …

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Supreme Court Rules Online Journalists Are Real Journalists

Online Journalists are Real Journalits

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled today that online reporters are indeed reporters and can enjoy the protection of Reporter Shield laws. This ruling is a major victory for online publications, Justices Unanimously Agree: Online Journalists are Real Journalists In its unanimous decision, Chief Justice Mark Gibbons wrote that “Just because …

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Thrive Conference Held In Virginia City

7th Annual Thrive Conference Connects Service Providers With The Community The Community Chest held its 7th annual Thrive Conference celebrating health and human service in Northern Nevada. The Community Chest hosts the Thrive Conference to discuss social service issues in Northern Nevada. Nearly a hundred people showed up to learn …

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Republicans Re-Elect McDonald as Party Chairman

Nevada’s Republican Central Committee Meets In Northern Nevada. By Don Dike-Anukam On Saturday, September 7th, the Nevada Republican Party Central Committee gathered in Winnemucca to elect a leadership team to lead the party in 2020. Three candidates, Michael McDonald of Las Vegas, Mesquite City Councilwoman Annie Black, and former 4th …

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Gilman v. Toll Goes To The Supreme Court

Gilman v. Toll

The Teller Gets It’s Day At The Supreme Court. The Nevada Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Gilman v. Toll on September 5th. For those who have not been to the Nevada Supreme Court, the process is interesting. The Court allocated 30 minutes for the proceeding and they stick to …

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Storey County Arrest Blotter July 23 – August 4

Remember, this is still an America where people are innocent until proven guilty. Let’s not change that, ever. Fun Fact. Storey County just released like three of these in a row, so I am gonna push them all at once to get caught up. Then back to your regualarly scheduled …

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