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An Update from The Teller

What’s Up With The Teller?

Greetings from Gold Hill. The above picture shows my home town as it was in 1914. Nice.
I have received over a hundred messages, emails, and inquiries as to why The Teller went silent in October. I would like to share with you what happened and what the future holds.
Life throws us all curveballs, and sometimes they smash us in the face. Tough as it is to do, I take these curveballs as character builders. A friend once told me: “If you’re looking for sympathy, you’ll find it between shite and syphilis in the dictionary, not from me.”
That said, it is important for me to explain to you the reasons I had to take a few months off from my favorite full-time unpaid job.
In October my brother was found in a ditch hogtied, gagged and severely beaten. He died of a massive brain hemorrhage after ten days in a coma. His unsolved murder hit me and my family hard and continues to weigh heavy on our hearts.
In late October and early November, my father had a series of serious health events that required multiple emergency room visits and stays in the hospital. I am happy to say that he is out of immediate danger, but the events were challenging.
During these events, my daughter took a job. Because it does not pay enough for her to afford daycare (you know, like less than $70k a year), I am raising my two-year-old grandson.
To the delight of scoundrels, I haven’t been to a Commissioner Meeting in months and enjoy precious little free time.

Commissioner Gilman’s Lawsuit.

Lance the Magnificent continues to howl from the mortal injury my accusing him of perjury or violating Storey County Zoning Ordinance has caused. However, we all know the real reason he sued me was to shut me up. His lawsuit wiped me out financially and has cost me hours and hours and hours of bandwidth.
While we won every battle in the legal war, including the landmark First Amendment ruling in Nevada’s Supreme Court, the lawsuit cost me dearly in time and treasure.
I have focused my attention and the little time I have on generating revenue to make up for those losses and The Teller necessarily took a back seat. Fun Fact: If you want a website or marketing piece designed or some printing done, send me an email. I know a guy who can hook you up. Almost cheap.

I Love You Guys and Gals!

Through it all, your support has buoyed me in these troubled waters. Your generous contributions to my legal defense and kind words of support have made the difference and remind me why what I do is worth all this and more.
Thank you, gentle reader, for showing me that I am not alone in this effort.

So, what now?

I plan to recap the more dastardly deeds that have happened since October and will relight the beacon of sunlight to disinfect our county.
Stay Tuned.
It’s gonna get bright around here. Again.
Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. I’m so sorry to read of what your family has had to endure. We are praying for a much brighter new year for all of you. Glad to see your resolve, welcome back, you’ve been missed!

  2. To bad you never took on the crazy of the story you were handed last spring. Things went very dark and blackmail surely involved. Lawyers on both sides were called in and everything from the bigger better funded side swept under a rug. 9 people have been destroyed in the wake of the one evil person and now another stands alone facing the same . Sad when you reach out to a great writer for help shedding light they too let you down and push it away.
    Sorry to hear about your family woes. This is a dark world full of horrible dark people who seek to destroy. I hope your new year finds peace and joy for your family.

    • Broken,

      I would like to pick up where we left off. There were some complications from the school board and the SCSD that hampered my investigations. I’ll contact you.

      Thank you for your kind words. They really mean a lot.


  3. Sending you and your family my heartfelt condolences.

    • Thank you, Tonja.

      Keep up your fight and I’ll do the same. It is time we pinned the tail on the Donkey in the Storey County District Attorney’s Office.


  4. Sam Toll, 1/16/20
    My Prayers are with you.
    For you!
    And for the other Sam – DNA
    Thanks for all you have done.
    If you never do another thing, you
    have done as much as 95% of people
    around here.
    Sam DNA Dehne [ http://www.renocitizen.com ]
    I also Pray that you continue your mostly
    philanthropic Crusade to save Storey County.

  5. Sorry to hear about the troubles, Sam. Keep standing tall. We’re with you!

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