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County Christmas Party Tonight!

Storey County County (Employee) Christmas Party Tonight

Storey County will host it’s second Christmas Party tonight at St. Mary’s Art Center at 6:00 pm. Held at the Bonanza Saloon, the first county party featured a potluck dinner and a no-host bar. As in attendees bought their own booze. Around 80 people came to the party last week.

Tonight’s party will be the “Traditional” one that County employees have come to enjoy. Last year’s party at Pipers Opera House attracted over 200 people last year. The Teller wrote about the “Traditional” County (employee) Christmas and were critical about the fact that County Taxpayers paid $6000 in free booze and food for a party that in 2017 had maybe a dozen non-county employees attending.

This year Commissioner Carmona, recognizing the bad optics of spending nearly three months salary for the average county resident, held his own party and it was a great time. The “Traditional” County (employees) party should be much smaller and cozier than what we have enjoyed in the past.

Eyebrows and Liability Concerns Raised

Commissioner Carmona’s party held his party at the Bonanza instead of Pipers as in years past. We raised our eyebrows when we learned about why.

A few weeks ago, I got word that the County’s insurance provider (POOL PACT) had some liability concerns about a County event in a county facility where food was provided but not prepared in a licensed facility,” Commissioner Carmona posted on the VCH email discussion board.

Wait. What?

County Christmas Party
Wayne Carlson. Executive Director, Storey County’s Insurance provider

Curious, I contacted the Pool-Pact’s Executive Director Wayne Carlson and asked him about his putting the nix on home cooking, but allowing free Jägermeister and Jello shots.

We did not tell the Storey County they could not hold a party where food prepared in a non-licensed kitchen was served. We simply advised the county of the potential risk liability, and the county made their decision internally”, Mr. Carlson told The Teller.

We asked Mr. Carlson about the fact that people could get wasted on free County booze, he explained, “California has a “Dram Law”, but Nevada does not.”

According to Mr. Carlson, anyone drinking is responsible for themselves and their actions, regardless of who is providing the booze, and therefore the County is in the clear.

I wonder if Joey Gilbert would be able to poke a hole in that argument.

Dank Dabs?

What’s in Santa’s bag?

Heck, since there is no liability to the County Taxpayer, why stop at free booze? Why not have a budtender providing dank dabs and sticky nugs? I’ll bet the line at the hooka bar would be off the hizzy.

Once again, the County’s upper crust will have their own taxpayer-funded party  (yes, the public is invited, but we all know who the party is for) while the kids of the community are left out in the snow. In years past, the County held a Christmas Party for the community families and distributed gifts to the kids. This year, Storey County all about the grownups.

So there you have it, gentle reader.

Bong rips or not, come to St. Mary’s tonight and get lit on the taxpayer’s dime.

Just don’t drive home drunk.

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Sam, please check to see what the current plan is for this holiday party first before blasting it, and second, this is critical local exposure for our core nonprofits. This makes me sad and I sincerely hope it doesn’t diminish the attendance. There has been a tremendous amount of thought and effort put into this party on all sides. We are PROUD to be the hosting venue and welcome our community for holiday celebrations.

    • Arika,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I tried to find out more about the party on the County Website and in Social Media. Drew a blank. Nothing about it in yesterday’s paper. I certainly could have missed it, but, as in years past, it feels like the county doesn’t talk the party up because they appear to consider it their own private employee party.

      I am all for getting local exposure for our wonderful non-profits. The yeoman work you at St. Mary’s, Whitney at Pipers, and Lara at the 4th Ward School do is as good as it gets.

      The problem (as you can tell) I have is the fact that the County taxpayer, once again, is paying for free alcohol. I will always take umbrage with taxpayer dollars being spent this way. It would be much better for everyone if drinkers bought their own booze. Heck, St. Mary’s could sell it and keep the profit for your marketing budget.

      If they did a serious, professional job of promoting the event, more people might come.

      Better yet, if they gave each community $1500 to throw their own parties and gave you and the other non-profits the money you need to market your venues, everyone would win.

      Again, thank you for your thoughtful commentary and you should be proud to host the party. You and your team rocks!


      Postscript: the budtender idea would pack the house to the rafters. ;-D

  2. I being one of the “river people” are usually unaware of what is happening to our county employees except for the bills. I resent our taxes being squandered for any private function. Generally it has been the custom of other entities employees, to put in their own money or raise their own funds for their own parties/events and NEVER use public money. I am very upset by this foolish action.

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