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Lockwood Archers Take Second Place

Lockwood Archers Punch (way) Above Their Weight

On Friday, November 1st Hillside Elementary participated in a remote Nevada State Archery tournament in the multi-use room at Hillside Elementary. There were 29 shooters from the Storey County school district and 9 from Alpine Academy. Typically, what happens during a tournament versus practice is that the scores aren’t as good during a tournament. This is the first year that it did not happen in the history of us competing. In fact, Emily Hall was the first in Hillside Archery to shoot a perfect score (50 points) in one of the rounds and 282 points out of 300 possible.

Proud Parents watch as Hillside Archers hit the mark.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife was there to make sure the tournament was shot according to the guidelines laid out by National Archery in the School Program. The Wildlife representative was impressed with our program. The stars are the archery team participants. They work hard and their dedication to improvement is impressive.

The support staff Teresa, Cathy, Staci, Lacy, and Tanya are instrumental to the success of the archers. These folks help tremendously to keep everything working in the area of the tables. The coaches are Dan, Don, James, Arial and Larry Huddleston. Without this support, the kids would not be nearly as successful. THANK YOU!

Make Room In The Trophy Cabinet

Emily Hall shows her perfect score.

Because of the hard work by the archers at Hillside Elementary we took second place in the 2019 Nevada State National Archery in the Schools Program Tournament. It is time to make room in the trophy case for one more.

Simply put, it is pure magic to work with this talented group of archers.

A little more about Archery at Hillside Elementary and the National Archery In the School Program.

  • We have an archery team that includes 1st thru 5th grades at Hillside and some from the middle and high schools in Virginia City.
  • We follow the rules and guidelines of National Archery In the School Program (NASP).
  • Archery is safer than any ball sport except for ping pong.
  • Nobody has ever been hurt in the NASP program.
  • Attendance increases where there is a NASP program in place because if you don’t go to school you don’t shoot archery.
  • We provide homework help as well as a snack and drink.
  • We have the experienced shooters help the new shooters developing leadership skills.

Hillside Archery statistics.

  • One First place in the state tournament.
  • Four Second place in the state tournament.
  • One Third place in the state tournament.

Scrappy Hillsiders Shoot Straight

When you participate in the state tournament you get to choose your top 12 shooters and we have 46 students at Hillside Elementary. The school that regularly takes first place has 960 students, so they have a lot more to choose from to get their top 12.

When Hillside won first place the people that run the state tournament thought that they were Lovelock. They had never heard of Lockwood and the scrappy Hillside archers put Lockwood on the map when we won the tournament.

Fun Fact: The program is funded from the pockets of the two of the coaches. The program does not cost to the school district or the archers that participate. To donate to the Hillside School Archery program send your check to Hillside Elementary, 1250 PERI RANCH RD, SPARKS, NV 89434 and designate it for the archery program. Your donation is tax deductible.

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