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Keep Free Speech Alive In Storey County

TWICH – February 18th 2011

This Week In Comstock History – February 18th 2011

The Comstock Chronicle wasn’t always known to locals as the Comstock Comical. Angela and Richard Mann owned the paper for 9 years and ran it as a serious local news venture. Angela went to all the meetings (Commissioner, VCTC, School Board and others), recorded the events and transcribed the quotes.

Today the Comical is a collection of fluff-and-puff PR pieces for the county, CMI, TRIC, and taxpayer-funded county advertising. Today we head back to February 18th, 2011 to see what was happening in the County. Enjoy.

I didn’t realize McGuffey raised a kerfluffle back then. Just like old times.


Back when the swindle was fresh, new and exciting…


Beauty in motion.




Big Brother and the Holding Company. Awesome!


When was the last time you saw a billion dollar global TRIC welfare recipient do something like this for our local groups? Never?


A 36 story wind turbine… No thanks.
Keep Free Speech Alive

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