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Lockwood Birthday Party

Lockwood’s Merilee Miller’s Surprise Party

The community of Lockwood celebrated another 39th birthday of Merilee Miller. Miller is a stalwart community member who volunteers at the Senior Center and helps with just about everything. John Miller did a great job of organizing the event and the community kept it a secret for 2-4 weeks. Husband John told Merilee there was an event at the Senior Center and the stove was not working. Merilee did what she always does in similar situations, she packed up and headed over to get the stove working.

The revelers went silent as she pulled into the full parking lot. She opened the door and the crowd yelled “SURPRISE!” The surprise party was a success!

The cheer stunned the surprised birthday girl and the crowd – some 70 strong – all took up a cheer to help celebrate her happy day and her contribution to the community. People from Lockwood filled the table with delicious food and goodies to eat. There were two delicious cakes to satisfy the sweet teeth in the group.

After opening dozens of presents, the cake, bestowed with three candles, received the traditional wish and Miller extinguished the flames.

This event shows once again that the Community of Lockwook is filled to the rim with great people who know how to throw and enjoy a good party.

Lockwood Birthday Party

Lockwood Birthday Party

Lockwood Birthday Party



Lockwood Birthday Party

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