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Lockwood Bingo Night A Smash Hit!

Lockwood Bingo Night
Happy Bingo Revelers check their numbers.

lThe Rainbow Bend Social Club hosted another Lockwood Bingo Night on Saturday, August 4th. 75 people showed up to enjoy hot dogs, chili, salad, and desert and play Bingo. There are usually between 35 and 50 people who regularly attend the festivities, but last night set the record.

Indemnified spirits oiled the event.

The July Bingo Night was a dry affair as the Rainbow Bend Home Owners Association forced the (sometimes boisterous) Social Club to obtain drinkers insurance. With the new policy in hand, the crowd lubricated themselves while listening to the sultry sound of Bingo Bob’s voice call out the numbers. Fortunately, the drinker’s policy was not endangered as the revelers maintained order and civility throughout the evening.

Extra Tables Were Needed To Handle The Large Crowd.

The event minted many happy winners including the Larry and Rosie show. Larry and Rosie each won a game. Local customs dictate that players adjacent to the lucky winner receive a chocolate bar. The table where Rosie and Larry sat was so lucky that not only did they win two games, they won three chocolate bars as well. Yum!

Bingo Bob and The Teller’s own Sam Toll enjoy the sumptuous fixins.

Individual game winners netted $35 each. Nobody won the blackout game finale in under 50 balls so the grand prize dropped from $105 to $75.

Full House


The Rainbow Bend Social Club will host an Ice Cream Social on August 23rd. The fun begins at 6:00 pm.

Be there or be an inverse tetrahedron

Stay Tuned to The Teller for more events hosted by the Rainbow Bend Social Club.

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  1. Sam Toll, 7/5/19
    What do you make of the sudden massive surge in
    Bingo popularity at Lockwood? It could be a sign
    that life is good there.
    TRIC is expanding like gangbusters… so these Bingo
    folks all must be getting richer than they dreamed.
    Sam DNA Dehne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMLU9jP6DZ0&t=31s
    Was their commissioner there.. maybe for a
    cameo appearance?

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