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Nevada's Attorney General Exonerates Sheriff Antinoro

Nevada’s Attorney General Finds No Reason To Prosecute Sheriff Antinoro

Nevada's Attorney General Exonerates Sheriff Antinoro

Nevada’s Attorney General Exonerates Sheriff Antinoro

Storey County residents have endured an agonizing and relentless 6-year campaign against Sheriff Gerald Antinoro waged by Mustang Ranch Owner, TRIC and Blockchains Executive and Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman. Gilman’s efforts were marked by anonymous letters suggesting mishandling of the Judy Black investigation and the failed recall election effort. Gilman’s proxies Kris Thompson and Karen Woodmansee were verbose and vitriolic in their bashing of the Sheriff. Their campaign reached a stomach-churning intensity on the Virginia Highlands Chat Group during the final weeks of the election as we documented here.  In the final analysis, this frothy effort seemed to strengthen the resolve of Antinoro supporters as the Sheriff was won his 4th election.

Vindication Continues After Re-Election

In a letter sent to Lance Gilman’s attorney Joey Gilbert dated July 6th, 2018, The Nevada Attorney General’s Office (AGO) answers Mr. Gilberts claims of sexual misconduct, gang rape and other types of criminal behavior leveled at Sheriff Gerald Antinoro. In that letter, which is attached below, the AGO explained that there was nothing to their claims.

In the letter, the AGO details the extent of the investigation and the lengths the Office went to make their determination. The letter documents the scope of the investigation which began in 2014 under then-AG Catherine Cortez Masto. It details interviews conducted jointly with alleged victims, both independently and jointly with the FBI. The letter ultimately concludes that the AGO found no basis for a criminal prosecution and suggested several alternative courses of action for Commissioner Gilman to pursue.

Gilman’s Claims Proven To Be Untrue.

Joey Gilbert issued multiple allegations against the Sheriff, none of which could be substantiated or meet the standard of being an actual criminal offense. The AGO’s letter flatly disproves Gilbert’s accusations leveled against the Sheriff including:

“The AGO investigation team interviewed the potential victim who stated that she was not the victim of any sexual offenses.”


“AGO investigators located and interviewed the possible victim who stated that Sheriff Antinoro never committed any acts of sexual misconduct against her.”

In the reports filed by the investigators, there are more exonerating statements:

“■■■■■■■■ stated she was not a victim of sexual assault and the allegations were false. ■■■■■■■■ stated she still had a good relationship with Antinoro. ■■■■■■■■ said she dated Antinoro starting in 2009 and they were engaged to be married. She said in 2015 they ultimately decided to separate and go different directions. ■■■■■■■■ described Antinoro as a man of “integrity” and “110% aboveboard”. Moreover, she added that he was a ”by the book guy”, “ethical” and ”black and white”. ■■■■■■■■ stated she still speaks with Antinoro from time to time and they remain on good terms.”


■■■■■■■■ said the allegations were false and were nothing more than her sex life ”being twisted by rumors”. stated her sex life with ■■■■■■■■ was personal and it was nobody’s business. ■■■■■■■■ described the allegations outlined in the letters as false and destructive to her reputation and family.

Will This Finally End?

Many of the citizens of Storey County hope and pray that Gilman will finally give this a rest. We need to heal and come together as a community and allow the wounds of the past several years to heal. And besides, there are so many things that need attention in Storey County. Things that affect more than Lance Gilman’s bruised ego and hurt feelings.

Sadly, if Gilman’s past performance is any indication his of future actions, the weary citizens of Storey County will continue to watch this unfold like a bad dream we just can’t wake up from.

AGO Letter:


Joey Gilbert’s letter:

Joey Gilbert Letter



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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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    The Nevada AG finally listens to Sam DNA. After all these years.
    1. Sheriff Antinoro did nothing wrong.
    2. He is only trying to make Storey County safe for citizens against the TRIC-Turning Human Traffikers.
    3. Sam DNA and Sam Toll proved their cases against the accusers so powerfully that even the AG could not cover anything up.
    Dismantle the DNA/Nevada/America/ – hating RGJ and rest of Reno media wacko freaks. Why? For too many reasons to fit on the internet.
    Likes(too many to fit on the internet)

    • Thank you for the kind words. It is amazing how some people will grab onto something and not let go.

      We have other more pressing issues…

  2. Will the Gilman, Norman and Thompson cabal give up against Sheriff Antinoro and Sam Toll? IMHO not a chance in hell. They obviously seem to believe they are the “big dog” in the county and the state and will kowtow to the judgment of two separate Attorney Generals, their chief investigators, and the FBI. Jerry and Sam are thorns in their foot and they are willing crew their leg off to remove them. After all, they can well afford a prostetic replacement.

    Their claim of pursuing the actions against the sheriff in the name of protecting women while owning a brothel, virtually living in it, and making a small fortune “off the backs” of women who likely turn to prostitution due to economic desperation would be laughable if it was not patently BS.

    The Emperor has no clothes but could care less who knows it.

    Sam DNA Dehne has proven ubiquitously, in Public, and on the Record (here and here and here http://www.renocitizen.com/moviesall.htm and here http://www.renocitizen.com/movies.htm and here, etc, etc) that it is the RGJ media wacko freaks who are the things that should be investigated for too many crimes of cowardice and malfeasance to fit on the internet. Then they should be punished.
    The relationship within the media cowards, and their “storied” TRIC-Turning characters who delve in Human Traficking, is what should be investigated. By Federal Govt! Then the perverts should be punished.
    Who is paying whom for this treacherous reporting.. and how much?
    Why are the Reno media wacko freaks and their Scientology cult zealot bosses so scared in their panty hose of DNA… and of the Virginia City-Storey County Sheriff? Follow the money.
    Watch DNA and the Sheriff in action and you will see “Why”. click – https://www.youtube.com/user/samsrawrah/videos
    Likes(too many to fit on the internet)
    Great words from McPartlin above!

  4. Sam,
    What are the chances you could find OUT:
    1. How much TRIC/Gilman/Norman are paying attorney Gilbert.. who has never been seen to get into this kind of brouhaha before? (and he certainly never got so much free advertisement from the RGJ)
    2. And just as importantly where did the money to pay Gilbert come from? Is it part of he $100s of millions of taxes that have been funneled there from Nevada taxpayers? In other words a case could be made that Nevada taxpayers are footing the bill for these insane attacks against Sheriff Antinoro. (AND NOW GOVENOR CANDIDATE LAXALT)
    Sam DNA Dehne

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