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Storey County C.E.R.T Volunteers Aid Area Seniors

Storey County Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) Volunteers Help Keep Senior Citizen Properties Clean

The Storey County C.E.R.T. volunteers and representatives from the Virginia City Eagles Aerie came to the assistance of Storey County Seniors during the annual free dump services provided by Waste Management.

Working with Stacy Gilbert of the Storey County Senior Center, C.E.R.T. volunteers worked to haul trash from Storey County Seniors who had trash but needed some help getting the trash to the dump. Timing the effort with the annual Free Dump Days provided by Waste Management, the C.E.R.T. Volunteers turned in a win-win for Storey County.


Storey County C.E.R.T volunteers
Storey County C.E.R.T volunteers Cleaning up in Lockwood.

In Lockwood, 6 C.E.R.T. volunteers and Sergeant Mendoza helped 13 Senior Citizens during May 7th and 8th.


In Virginia City, the Virginia City Highlands, and Mark Twain, 8 C.E.R.T. members, and 6 Virginia City Eagles hauled trash from 16 Senior Citizen residences during May 5th thru May 8th.


Storey County C.E.R.T volunteers
Storey County C.E.R.T volunteers with the Eagles of Virginia City in action in VC.

Storey County C.E.R.T. Volunteers cleaned up 29 Seniors properties during Free Dump Days

“We are so grateful to our volunteers, the Virginia City Eagles, and the Storey County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Antinoro and Sargent Mendoza. We were able to assist 29 senior citizens who would have struggled to take advantage of the Free Dump Days. With the hard work of Stacy Gilbert from the Senior Center and Waste Management representatives, we were able to give our seniors the help they needed to get rid of unneeded stuff from their properties.” shared C.E.R.T. Communications Director Rebecca Fielding.

“With the support of Sheriff Antinoro and the Storey County Sheriff’s Office, we look forward to making this an annual event. Storey County Seniors need help from time to time and we are happy to give them that assistance,” Feilding continued.

C.E.R.T. represents one of the meaningful ways that volunteers serve the community. C.E.R.T. operates under the direction of the Storey County Sheriff’s office.C.E.R.T.


Storey County C.E.R.T volunteers
Storey County C.E.R.T volunteers at the Dump.

If you are interested in becoming a C.E.R.T. Volunteer, contact Rebecca Fielding at You can also reach her by phone at 775-233-6550
and be sure to follow with them on Social Media at


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